30 Of Edmonton’s Best Dressed Women In 2016

Fashion inspo: YEG edition.
30 Of Edmonton’s Best Dressed Women In 2016

Unfortunately for us Edmontonians, we have to spend much of the year in colder weather–sometimes much earlier than we’d like (this year is a lovely example 😭). Snowstorms aside, you will notice many of us fighting the good fight, refusing to put on our parkas even though logic says otherwise (because, priorities). We continue to rock our cutest outfits for as long as our body temperatures will allow us to (and it annoyingly seems like our best outfits consist of either summer/fall clothing i.e. not warm enough for winter). In all seriousness…women’s fashion is something that cannot go unnoticed and without praise!

So praise I shall give. And for the benefit of your Instagram feed/wardrobe inspiration, here are some women in YEG that have really brought their fashion A-game this year! So for those of you who are interested in clothing, I suggest giving these Edmonton ladies a follow.


Vickie Laliotis @advinfashion

Currently on the blog 😉

A photo posted by Amanda (@lifestooshort_buytheshoes) on

Amanda @lifestooshort_buytheshoes

Happy Saturday Loves 🍂🍁 •• Don't miss yesterday's style post on {beechicstyle.com}

A photo posted by Brittany Pelland (@beechicstyle) on

Brittany Pelland @beechicstyle

Kaylin Johnson @prettyinpattern

Justine @withjustine

Cassie @thecassiepaige

All up in my Friday feels #tgif #yeg

A photo posted by Chrissy Crooks (@chrissycrooksraw) on

Chrissy Crooks @chrissycrooksraw

Sandy Joe Karpetz @theprettysecrets

Joy Baber @denimjoy_

Kassandra Camponi @kastlescamponi

Lyndsey @overmystyledbody

Simran Dhillon @escapeintostyle

Lisa Szabo @lateandunderdressed

Alyssa Lau @imalyssalau

Hello October! Let's pretend it's not raining outside today. ❤️

A photo posted by Ana (@bananamoda) on

Anna @bananamoda

Robin J @myclosetjourney

Yung leanin 💁🏽 Enjoy da long weekend! #StyleYourLifeXO

A photo posted by c a m i l l e. (@styleyourlife.xo) on

Camille Maclean @styleyourlife.xo

Been about you since I met you💌 Outfit II Photo by: @styleyourlife.xo

A photo posted by D A N I E ♡ (@daniellearimas) on

Danielle @daniellearimas

Marie Zydek @mariealamode

Sydnie @sincerelysydnieblog

Z Lutas @zlutas

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A photo posted by Marisa | Stream & Stone (@streamandstoneyeg) on

Marisa @streamandstoneyeg

Your taste level ain't at my waist level #waitingforyeezylike

A photo posted by Kelsie Romance (@diamondkelsie) on

Kelsie @diamondkelsie

Yea alright, fall, I see you.

A photo posted by Megan Marrinan , (@mmegankathleen) on

Megan Marrinan @mmegankathleen

Victoria @strungingold

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A photo posted by Ana Pejkanovic (@marchandmayblog) on

Ana Pejkanovic @marchandmayblog

Haille @nylonordeath

Diana @204park

Kira Paran @northern_style

Hannah Kaup @honeyandbetts

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30 Of Edmonton’s Best Dressed Women In 2016