10 Places In Ottawa You Can Get Classy Drunk At

Wine drunk is the best drunk.
10 Places In Ottawa You Can Get Classy Drunk At

Sometimes you just want to get drunk. But you don’t want to go out to a bar, or you just want a girls night that doesn’t require a ton of energy. The definition of classy drunk is when you’re over going out to bars, but you still want to have a good time. It’s also past the point of ordering just tequila shots to get drunk and actually trying delicious drinks that will soon be your favourite.

If you’re over ordering a rum and Coke at dinner, then here are great options for you. You can tell a lot about a person by the drink they order, and it’s always nice (and dangerous) to try a drink that doesn’t taste like pure alcohol. So here are 10 places in Ottawa you can get classy drunk at! Please drink responsibly.


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1. Giovanni’s Restaurant & Dining Lounge // 362 Preston Street

Drink recommendations: POM martini, ice wine martini, glass of rosé

2. Mezzanotte Bistro Italiano // 50 Murray Street

Drink recommendations: Red wine sangria, pink champagne

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3. 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar & Café // 107 Fourth Avenue

Drink recommendations: Pimm’s cup, pink lemon spritzer

4. The Pomeroy House // 749 Bank Street

Drink recommendations:  Negroni, Rosemary’s baby, chai bourbon

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5. Gezellig // 337 Richmond Road

Drink recommendations: Gezellig kir, rode bloem margarita

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6. The Buzz Restaurant // 374 Bank Street

Drink recommendations: Luscious lychee martini, gin & juice, torched cherry mojito

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7. Salt Dining + Lounge // 345 Preston Street

Drink recommendation: Mulled wine, stoli’s mule, aroosa

8. The Soca Kitchen // 93 Holland Avenue

Drink recommendation: Fusion passion fruit mojito, cucumber margarita

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9. Must Kitchen & Wine Bar //41 William Street

Drink recommendation: Dillon’s rose martini, sidecar

10. Fratelli // 275 Richmond Road

Drink recommendations: Tuscan spritzer, Italian soda

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10 Places In Ottawa You Can Get Classy Drunk At