11 Restaurants Outside Of Ottawa Totally Worth The Drive

Food over everything.
11 Restaurants Outside Of Ottawa Totally Worth The Drive

Let’s be real, everybody loves food and everybody loves road trips. Whether it’s a 20 minute drive or a two hour drive, it’s always worth it if there is good food involved.

When we’re looking for somewhere to eat and can’t decide, we always just think about restaurants that are in Ottawa. However, there are so many amazing restaurants that you don’t even know exist just a short drive outside of Ottawa. You don’t have to be a foodie to drive 2 hours just to eat at a restaurant, you just have to be human. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

So here are 11 restaurants outside of Ottawa that are totally worth the drive: 


Workin' on our winter bod's, "I'll take two orders"

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1. The Good Food Company // Carleton Place

Type: Fresh cafe

Distance from Ottawa: 35 minutes


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2. Geronimo // Kemptville

Type: Cafe

Distance: 40 minutes

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3. O’Reilly’s Pub // Perth

Type: Pub

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour

The BO BELL burger #messybitch #localeverything

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4. Burger Revolution // Belleville

Type: Burger joint

Distance from Ottawa: 2 hours

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5. Coco Jarry’s // Renfrew

Type: International food

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour

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6. Sterling // Gatineau

Type: Steakhouse

Distance from Ottawa: 15 minutes

Mother's Day trek for brunch

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7. Wheelers Pancake House and Sugar Camp // Lanark County

Type: Pancake house

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour

The brockville brunch tastes different because you got to see the amazing river view.

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8. Buds on the Bay // Brockville

Type: Steak and seafood

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour


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9. Aux Chantignoles // Montebello

Type: French Canadian

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour

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10. Schnitzels // Cornwall

Type: European cafe

Distance from Ottawa: 1 hour

Sunday brunch 🌝

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11. Les Fougeres // Chelsea

Type: Seasonal and fresh restaurant

Distance from Ottawa: 20 minutes

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11 Restaurants Outside Of Ottawa Totally Worth The Drive