7 Spots In Ottawa You Need To Go To If You’re Craving Perogies

Poland's best dish.
7 Spots In Ottawa You Need To Go To If You’re Craving Perogies

Its an understatement to say that the best thing Eastern Europe brought to Canada was perogies. These doughy delicacies from Poland spell out temptation. It’s the lightly deep fried texture, stuffed with anything from cheese to mashed potatoes, and those diced green onions on top. And then there’s that dollop of sour cream on the side. I raise a glass to Poland for this dish.

Thankfully, the taste of Eastern Europe is well and alive across a number of restaurants in Ottawa. Here are 7 restaurants that will fulfill that temptation your stomach is grumbling for:

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1. Moscow Tea Room // 527 Sussex Drive

You can get the classic, which is a plate of three cheese perogies topped with caramelized onions and that essential spoonful of sour cream on the side. But, let’s be real: there signature are the Vladimir Perogies, topped with vodka gravy.

Last night I was feeling Pero[gross] because I was writing a ten page paper. So I got myself some Perogies at @houseoftarg . Real talk: These were the best perogies I have ever had and I ate them while playing pinball!! Definitely going to be visiting Targ again.

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2. House of TARG // 1077 Bank Street

Pinball and perogies. My two loves under one roof. TARG doesn’t mess with the essentials and offers perogies the classic way. Stuffed with cheese and potatoes in a secret dough, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to the basics here. But, consider adding the bacon on top. Seriously.

3. Ottawa Perogies // 1129 Baxter Road

The Riabko Family came to Ottawa from Ukraine in 2003 and opened up shop on Baxter Road in 2007. This is the real authentic taste here in Ottawa.

4. Central Bierhaus // Kanata Centrum Shopping Centre, 650 Kanata Avenue

Their menu is ever-changing, but the perogies are here to stay. Share some perogies for a hearty appetizer with their classic perogies with bacon, sauerkraut, sour cream and scallions. Hey, maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see the pierogi poutine come back.

I'm about to enter perogies heaven!!! 😍

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5. Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill // 321 Somerset Street East

Scratch perogies with a more than generous of bacon mixed in there and those absolutely terrific caramelized onions on top. The best part actually might be the price, though. At $5, these perogies are a student’s dream come true.

Perogy Poutine sent straight from heaven aka Joey's 🙏🏼 #poutine #foodporn

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6. Joey’s Urban Kanata // 484 Hazeldean Road

Let’s talk pierogi poutine. A clash of our two beautiful cultures stuffed into one cardboard box, with fries on the bottom, the dollop of sour cream on top, diced green onions and those crispy perogies mixed in there.

The night just got SO much better.

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7. Clocktower Brew Pub // Various locations

Pan fried and stuffed with classic cheese and potatoes. The Clocktower perogies make for a perfect appetizer while you taste their famous house beers.

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7 Spots In Ottawa You Need To Go To If You’re Craving Perogies