9 Best Spots To See Icebergs In Newfoundland And Labrador

It's that time of year again!
9 Best Spots To See Icebergs In Newfoundland And Labrador

It’s that time of year again — iceberg season! The time of year where everyone gathers to watch these huge ice masses travel down the Atlantic. People come from far and wide just to catch a glimpse. It’s every photographer’s paradise to shoot one of these beauties.

Nothing seems to beat the magnificent sight of these humongous arctic sculptures. So where can you spot these icebergs? We have a list to help you on your way!

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One of the more popular spots for spotting a few icebergs. Twillingate is located on the northern part of the island, roughly 5 hours away from St. John’s. Be sure to pack a lunch or an overnight bag as there are tons to see!

This is the light on the breakwater after the storm

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Just along side of Twillingate is Bonavista. A cute charming town just hours away from St. John’s. Grab a delicious coffee from Two Whales coffee shop and you’re on your way!

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Iceberg season came early this year for Ferryland. The town has seen several icebergs already this year and it’s only just started. Grab your camera and your gear and start hunting! There’s no doubt you’ll take some beautiful shots.

Pouch Cove

Along the Avalon you’ll see many icebergs floating near Pouch Cove. The best view is along the East Coast Trail to the coastline. Here you’ll see multitude of them bobbing along. An unforgettable sight while you’re on a hike that’s for sure.


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Grates Cove

With the mass amounts of broken ice this year some icebergs are blending in. This one spotted in Grates Cove is the perfect example of how this season is starting.

St. Anthony

The northern tip of the island is St. Anthony. Where many massive icebergs start their long journey. Many won’t last their initial size as they take their course along the coast. If you want to see them towering and in all their glory then St. Anthony is the perfect place to start.

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You’ll catch a few drifting down past Renews. Only a few hours outside St. John’s it’s only a short ride to see some breathing taking sights.  This is one of the last places you’ll see them in Newfoundland before they disappear. So you better catch them while you can!


A popular hiking spot for many and in April and May it’s no wonder why! An excellent look out is along the trails near Middle Cove beach and near Red Cliff. This spot will give you an open view of the ocean and you may be lucky enough to be there at the right time.

Trinity Bay

Only a few hours away and you can marvel at some spectacular ‘bergs! Many of them drift into the bay where they eventually break off and melt. There should be a lot of them this Spring!


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9 Best Spots To See Icebergs In Newfoundland And Labrador