10 Surreal Beaches You Won’t Believe Actually Exist In Canada

Life's a beach... In Canada.
10 Surreal Beaches You Won’t Believe Actually Exist In Canada

There seems to be this prevailing perception of Canada as nothing but a cold and wintry tundra. Surely its northerly latitude and frequent harsh winters has something to do with that misconception.

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However, Canada is so much more than just snow and negative temperatures. In fact, it consists of several amazing beaches that are perfect for taking a dip in during the summer months. Though they’re not exactly like the beaches in the Caribbean, they’re still definitely worth a visit! Here are 10 surreal beaches you won’t believe actually exist in Canada:

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10. Tribune Bay

British Columbia

Tribune Bay is a beautiful place on BC’s Hornby Island, which has been referred to as the “Hawaii of the North” for its white sands and crystal clear waters. Beautiful surrounding scenery and a plethora of waterside activities such as stand-up paddle-boarding and kayaking make this a must-visit destination in Canada for the summer.


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9. Skaha Beach

British Columbia

Skaha Beach is one of seven stunning beaches in the city of Penticton, BC. It features over 20 acres of park and and red sand beach complete with sand volleyball courts, picnic areas, playgrounds and much more.

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8. Grand Beach


Grand Beach is a hot tourist spot along the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg. It is a particularly popular site for swimming and windsurfing. White sands, hiking trails, campgrounds, and a variety of concession services are found at this location.


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7. Grand Bend Beach


Grand Bend Beach is the perfect place to escape the city when in Ontario. The 25-mile white sand beach is lined with hotels, B&B’s, and rentable summer cottages so you can stay for as long as you please. Nearby is the lively and vibrant Main Street, where you can shop and eat your heart out.

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10 Surreal Beaches You Won’t Believe Actually Exist In Canada