13 Incredible Adventures You Must Go On Along Canada’s Great 24,000-km Trail

From east to west on a single road.
13 Incredible Adventures You Must Go On Along Canada’s Great 24,000-km Trail

Canada is celebrating it’s 150th birthday in several ways. One of its incredible goals for this year is to build “The Great Trail” – a 24,000 km trail that spans the across the entire country, from the east coast to the west.

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To this day, 91% of the trail has been connected, with approximately 21,500 km of it completed. It takes adventurers to the most diverse locations in Canada, featuring a perfect mix of its urban, rural and wilderness areas. Here’s what it looks like so far:

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If you seek a road trip adventure of a lifetime, here are some locations within the Great Trail that you should definitely explore:

See the Great Trail’s interactive map here.

More trestle shots…what a spectacular sight! How have I never been on this fantastic trail that sits right in my backyard? It's only 49kms from Shawnigan to Lake Cowichan and everybody is welcome. Run, walk, bike. Start with 5kms…then 6…then… "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." -Wise Mr. TS Eliot Why not find out what you are capable of? Or, perhaps a better question for all of us to answer is…Why?? First run of my #explorethevispine challenge is up on the blog if you like!☝🏻️⬆️☝🏻

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Cowichan Valley Trail

British Columbia

The Cowichan Valley Trail was once a CN Railway line that ran from Sawinigan Lake to Ladysmith in British Columbia. Lining the trail are a few beautiful sights, including farmlands, vineyards, and intimate communities.

Length: 117.50 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, horseback riding

"The moment you realize how beautiful Canada really is." Photo by @coupleofmen | #explorealberta

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Athabasca Landing Trail


The Athabasca Landing Trail is a historic route built by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1876 and used by fur and gold traders in the Edmonton area. It features beautiful forested valleys, river scenes and various fauna.

Length: 162 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing

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Chief Whitecap Waterway


The Chief Whitecap Waterway is a glorious river that meanders along the South Saskatchewan River. The waterway is perfect for canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts, and has several picnic spots along its length.

Length: 125 km

Activities: Canoeing, kayaking

Pinawa Trail


The Pinawa Trail winds through Manitoba’s thick boreal forests and grasslands, and features several historic sites such as the Pinawa Dam (the first in the province) and the Pinawa Suspension Bridge (which is 54-metres long).

Length: 28 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing

Waterfront Trail


The Waterfront Trail is an urban path that follows the Lake Ontario Shore. Running from Burlington to Toronto, the trail comes across several points of interest, including the CN Tower and Toronto’s iconic neighbourhoods.

Length: 87 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling

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Sentier du Gouffre


Sentier du Gouffre may be a shorter trail than most on this list, but the absolutely stunning views of Quebec’s Charlevoix region makes it completely worth visiting.

Length: 7 km

Activities: Hiking

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Fundy Trail

New Brunswick

The Fundy Trail takes you through some of the best natural sights in New Brunswick, from towering waterfalls and cliffs to serene beaches and ocean vistas.

Length: 10 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing

Sun, sand, surf, gorgeous clouds and a walk on the beach! The Best day!

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Celtic Shores Coastal Trail

Nova Scotia

The Celtic Shores Coastal Trail in Cape Breton gives you a front row seat to Atlantic Canada’s most magnificent views. From great natural spots to charming coastal towns, there’s much for an adventurer to explore along the way.

Length: 91 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, motorsports

Confederation Trail

Prince Edward Island

Confederation Trail connects the farthest ends of Prince Edward Island, and features beautiful scenes of its characteristic rolling plains, red-tinged beaches and lovely villages.

Length: 443 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, motorsports

It's insane that you can find this kind of nature and walking paths in the middle of the city 🍁

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Grand Concourse Trail

Newfoundland and Labrador

The Grand Concourse Trail is a scenic route that brings travellers through some of Newfoundland’s most historic sites. Lining the path are gentle hils, gorgeous forests, and beautiful sights of the Atlantic Ocean.

Length: 117.50 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing

Fall colors on a rainy hike

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Ridge Road Heritage Trail


The Ridge Road Heritage Trail was formerly a federal wagon route used to transport goods to the Klondike sites. The raw beauty of the Yukon can be experienced along the trail’s length, from breathtaking mountain ranges and colourful valleys.

Length: 27 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, motorsports

Mackenzie River Trail

Northwest Territories

The Mackenzie River Trail is an epic paddling route in Canada’s subarctic and tundra regions. Once used by fur traders, the route connects travellers to several interesting settlements in the north.

Length: 1660 km

Activities: Canoeing, kayaking

Itijjagiaq Trail


The Itijjagiaq Trail is located on the southern region of Baffin Island and features some of Canada’s most unique landforms, including limestone canyons and glacier fields.

Length: 177 km

Activities: Hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, motorsports

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13 Incredible Adventures You Must Go On Along Canada’s Great 24,000-km Trail