15 Life-Changing Trips You Must Go On In Canada

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15 Life-Changing Trips You Must Go On In Canada

Canada is a great place for new beginnings. Even if you’ve lived in the country all your life, there are always countless opportunities available for you to change the pace of your life and start anew.

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Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or a new perspective, these 15 breathtaking places in Canada should do the trick:

Liard River

British Columbia

The Liard River is a beautiful rush of water that runs through British Columbia near the border to Alaska. Along its length, you’ll find the second largest natural hot spring in the country, hidden within a lush boreal spruce forest. Dubbed the “Tropical Valley”, this spot is sure to fuel your imagination.

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Banff is home to some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in all of Canada. From the pristine lakes to the colossal Rocky Mountains, a backpacking trip through Banff is perfect for those seeking a journey of self-discovery.

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15 Life-Changing Trips You Must Go On In Canada