16 Hipster AF Foods That You Can Find In Toronto

Stay ahead of the trend.
16 Hipster AF Foods That You Can Find In Toronto

Considering Toronto’s culinary scene, it should be no shock that “hipster” food has taken over the city. Hipster food is essentially any dish that becomes trendy: it’s posted all over social media and it’s all anyone is raving about.

Hipster food is often unique and unusual (ex: sushi burrito and rainbow bagels). Sometimes it just takes a basic concept and elevates it (ice cream sandwiches and grilled cheese).

Whether you’re a bonafide hipster searching for that next “it” food or a newbie trying to keep up with all of the insane culinary trends, this list is for you. Here are 16 hipster AF foods that you can find in Toronto.

Poke Bowls

Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich with cheddar, herb and garlic cream cheese, bacon smashed avocado, herb tomatoes, red onion, spinach and chipotle aioli. What a satisfying grilled cheese for lunch!!!! Excuse me while I pass out from foodcoma now 😆👍🏻

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Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Matcha Soft Serve

The rainbow bagel from @whatabagel to brighten up your day. #hypetoronto Photo: @courts_xoxoxo

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Rainbow Bagel

Sushi Burrito

some warm after-partay snacks for staff at #omaw 🎉 #tistheseason @chefmattblondin @sukeysuee💪🏽👄

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Gourmet Ice Cream Bars

📷: @stina_leigh

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Ready to rock & roll! #pourover #morningcoffee @sincerelykn

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Pour Over Coffee


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Elevated Avocado Toast

Itching to get out tonight? Head to @sweetaftonbar where they keep our jars at hand. #almostweekendfeels

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Artisinal Pickles

Acai Bowls

Loaded Pancakes

Kimchi fries and a 5 spice pork belly bao….yummmm

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  • Tonica // Sold at multiple locations
  • Pekoe // 123 Dundas Street W

Roundhouse Craft Beer Festival!!!

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Pretty much anything off of a food truck


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16 Hipster AF Foods That You Can Find In Toronto