16 Most Stunning Toronto Models And Their Beauty Hacks

Models know best.
16 Most Stunning Toronto Models And Their Beauty Hacks

When lovely Toronto models reveal their top-secret beauty hacks that help make them gorgeous, it means only good things for you. So if you recently had the thought, “I wish someone would create a quick list of the fav beauty hacks of models here in the 6ix,” then consider this a timely response to such thoughts.

So here, have a look at this round up of the top beauty hacks regularly used by 16 Toronto stunners (who definitely know what they’re talking about, as evidenced by their Instagram photos).

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1. Kelleth Cuthbert

 Fav Beauty Hack: I use chapstick to highlight the cheekbones and castor oil brushed into my eyebrows to help them grow fuller.

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2. Megh Klassen

Fav Beauty Hack: Dry brushing for circulation and cellulite.

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3. Tillie Medland

Fav Beauty Hack: Sleeping with a coconut oil hair/face mask.

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4. Ivona Tymoshenko

Fav Beauty Hack: I put toothpaste on breakouts overnight to decrease the redness and puffiness.

5. Mia Wyn

Fav Beauty Hack: Avocado hair mask. Being on TV, I always have to style and colour my hair. Avocado is so rich in protein so it puts moisture back into my dead locks; I use it once a week.

6. Jordan Lilly

Fav Beauty Hack: Peppermint oil on lips to make them more plump.

7. Eunice Arbis,

Fav Beauty Hack: Coconut oil helps remove dandruff, especially for those who use a lot of hair products. Apply coconut oil on your hair and gently massage it through. Keeps hair shiny, healthy, and silky, too.


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8. Brooke Garrad

Fav Beauty Hack: Drinking TONS of water! It keeps my skin looking plump and fresh and it’s good for the inside and out. And the bonus is that it’s super easy.

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9. Brittney Marson

Fav Beauty Hack: Exfoliate lips with a washcloth in the shower and apply Vaseline right after for soft, full lips!

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10. Natasha Jade

Fav Beauty Hack: Apple cider vinegar is an amazing natural skin toner! It fights wrinkles and works great to achieve a glowing complexion.

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11. Hannah Simard

Fav Beauty Hack: I put Vaseline on my eyelashes before bed to help them stay moisturized, strong, and grow longer.

12. Ashley Hassard

Fav Beauty Hack: Baby oil is my favourite makeup remover. Also, peanut butter will get anything out of hair; think stuck bubblegum or tangled knots. Conditioner is the best shaving cream in the world if you’re looking to travel light. And using a toothbrush, brush your lips at night with warm water as they’ll be instantly exfoliated.

13. Tash Que

Fav Beauty Hack: I am also a makeup artist and my favourite beauty hack is using toothpicks to apply eyelashes. By using toothpicks you can get the lashes closer to the lash line and it adheres better to the skin. I also use toothpicks to apply True Glue all natural lash adhesive directly to the lashes. 

14. Courtney Conway

Fav Beauty Hack: Grape seed oil and Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask for the night before a shoot.

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15. Maija Ahonen

Fav Beauty Hack: Omega 3 vitamins really helped grow my hair fast after most of my length broke off from a bad balayage job!

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16 Most Stunning Toronto Models And Their Beauty Hacks