18 Unreal Toronto Murals You Need On Your Insta Feed Right Now

Time to explore!
18 Unreal Toronto Murals You Need On Your Insta Feed Right Now

In a city of so many talented artists, it is no surprise that Toronto is decked out in some of the coolest street art in Canada.  On pretty much every street corner you’ll be able to find a splash of colour and creativity, which is just one more reason to fall in love with the city.

For those of you looking to do some urban exploring this spring, be sure to go on a hunt to find a couple of the murals below, and don’t forget to snap an Instagram!

Happy exploring Toronto! 

True life: I'm in love with a wall.

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Flower Mural // Liberty St. & Fraser Ave.

I have a passion for pastels

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Sunglasses Mural // Queen West

crazy kid😜#crazykid #crazypeople zoo is sad people are cruel

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The Drake Brain Mural // Queen West

Hello? Mural // Ossington


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Obey Mural // Queen West

lolol so stressed pls send help, here is a pic of a wall I liked 🙃🙃

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Maf Mural // King & Portland

Striking mural by Stratford artist and old pal Thomas Lappano and Kellen Hatanaka.

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Jimmy’s Coffee Mural // Queen West

Food for thought on this Thursday morning! ✨ (photo by @giulia_tripoli )

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If Not Now Then When Mural // Ossington

#Toronto… you've changed. #streetart

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 You’ve Change Mural // Queen West

Lunch date was so fun! (and chilly!) but now I get to go to work for the afternoon in a fantastic mood! 😀

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Brooklyn Bar Wings Mural // Queen West

Sure feels like it.

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This Is Paradise Mural // Queen West

Relevant. #toronto #queenwest #ossington #vsco #fdt #cometogether

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Now it’s Time Mural // Ossington

Saw a cool dog right after this!

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Hustle Mural // Liberty Village

This really resonated with me.

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Pathetic Slogan // Ossington

Ossington, one last stop. #vacay #tiff16

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Black and White Mural // Lower Ossington

Very happy to be done 3rd year 🤗🤗

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Monopoly Man Mural // King & Portland

Enamorada de mi barrio, Liberty Village 💕 /// In love with my neighbourhood, Liberty Village 💕

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Love Liberty Mural // Liberty Village

Mood #mafshop #streetarttoronto #torontostreetart #torontograffiti #gusto101 #peanuts #lucyvanpelt #kingwest

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Lucy Mural // Portland St.

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18 Unreal Toronto Murals You Need On Your Insta Feed Right Now