20 Delicious Japanese Restaurants In Toronto To Try If You Can’t Afford A Trip To Tokyo

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20 Delicious Japanese Restaurants In Toronto To Try If You Can’t Afford A Trip To Tokyo

Clearly Asian culture and cuisine is a big hit in this bustling city of the 6ix where food from all over the eastern continent is bringing hundreds of Torontonians back for seconds, thirds and fourths! We’ve talked about Korean food, and Chinese food, but now it’s time to show some love to next most popular country known for its super kawaii anime, and dope ass food— Japan!

At some point in one’s life, most people (if not everyone) have wanted to travel to Japan to indulge in its unique culture. Luckily there are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Toronto that do its absolute best to replicate the feels of Tokyo for those who can’t travel half way around the world every weekend.

Ramen, sushi, terriyaki– the possibilities are endless and my stomach only continues to grumble for more Japanese goodness. To help satisfy whatever Tokyo cravings you may be conflicted with this fall, here are a few Japanese restaurants to definitely check out!

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Kinka Izakaya// Multiple locations

This Japanese restaurant serves up the best that Japanese cuisine has to offer and has some of the most enthusiastic employees to make your Tokyo dining experience enhanced and memorable.


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Gyugyuya// 177 Dundas St. W

People often dismiss the fact that the Japanese make the most bomb Japanese curry that will blow your typical order of ramen out of that park. Treat yourself to some crunchy meat cutlet with a side of soft rice smothered in warm, flavourful curry and a soft boiled egg to just add to what is just foodgasmic. Thank you Japan!

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Zakkushi//193 Carlton St

People absolutely love the cheerful vibe of this Japanese restaurant and serves up some delicious food to take your stomach to Japan itself on the streets of Toronto.

Imanishi//1330 Dundas St. W

This Japanese restaurant serves up both a mighty plate of sushi and an even mightier cup of sake to wash it all down. Enjoy both a drink and dinner with the freshest sushi that’ll bring the freshness of the Pacific ocean itself to your taste buds!

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JaBistro// 222 Richmond St. W

This Toronto sushi bar is known for its top notch and friendly staff, relaxed lounging ambience and most importantly its absolutely delicious food. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but totally worth every penny!

Blowfish// 668 King St. W

This Japanese restaurant is great for a social hangout with your friends on King who wanna grab some good sushi and just chill out. Once again, it’s on the pricier side but quality over quantity is definitely something to keep in mind!

Yuzu no hana Sushi & Sake Bar// 236 Adelaide St. W

Whether it be savoury, sweet and boozy– this Japanese sushi bar does it all and pretty damn well might I add. Your typical meal plan should include their amazing sushi followed by a few drinks to wash it all down and then their sweet black sesame ice cream to cleanse your palette and finish your meal on a sweet note.

Miku Toronto// 10 Bay St #105

This elegant Japanese restaurant on the classy streets of Bay St. is a prefect place to bring your bae on a romantic date. Enjoy sushi in the most upscale fashion and be prepared to feel fancy AF.

Kinton Ramen// 396 Church St.

This is not your typical everyday ramen shop. At this popular ramen shop, you can customize your entire bowl from the stock to the fixins to the noodles themselves. Your ramen bowl will speak to your stomach and leave you wanting more!

HAPPENING NOW | new menu tasting with staff! We can't wait for you to try the new Fall dishes soon – stay tuned!

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Ki Modern Japanese & Bar// 181 Bay St.

This is yet another upscale Japanese dining experience that you definitely have to try once to complete your night. Enjoy their elegant side dishes and completely dive into the amazingness with every bite of this modern take on Japanese cuisine.

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Spring Sushi// 10 Dundas St. E

If your stomach feels like a gaping hole that can’t be filled, this all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant is sure to do its best in filling it right up! Right at the heart of Yonge and Dundas, this sushi restaurant is conveniently right there for you to enjoy after a day of shopping at the Eatons Centre!

Rolltation// 207 Dundas St. W

Guys, it’s sushi and a burrito! This new Toronto restaurant fuses the Japanese cult classic of sushi with the western/Mexican cult classic of burritos to create a new fusion of food that all sushi and burrito lovers have been waiting for!

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Sakura Japanese Cuisine// 394 Bloor St. W

This cheap-eating gem on Bloor is definitely a place to check out if you’re both hungry and broke. For $15 enjoy all you can eat sushi for lunch and get busy!

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Sansotei//179 Dundas St. W

This ramen shop on Bay and Dundas is always poppin’ with crazy line ups lining the West end with faithful fans returning over and over for their legendary ramen. It’s definitely worth checking off your bucket list and getting excited over!

So fresh and so clean… and so good. | Takumi tasting course menu from Sushi Kaji.

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Sushi Kaji// 860 The Queensway

This sushi restaurant on The Queensway serves up the most absolute delicious and fresh sushi you could possibly sink your teeth into. Enjoy your amazing meal along with the amazing service that’ll make you question why you never found out about this place until now.

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NAMI Japanese Restaurant// 55 Adelaide St. E

Located in the heart of the downtown core/financial district, this Japanese restaurant is convenient for all you busy bees who are looking for some good Japanese eats. Take your pic at its expansive menu and enjoy the Canadian-Japanese dishes at your fingers!


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Hokkaido Ramen Santouka// 91 Dundas St. E

Warm yourself up this fall at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka and prepare to sink into this amazing gift of ramen. This poppin’ ramen restaurant is nice and warm, hearty and comforting for both your stomach and your soul.

Fushimi// 491 Church St.

This dim-lit Japanese restaurant has an elegant vibe for your to enjoy your food like a Japanese socialite. Sink your teeth in some awesome bites of food and look/feel classy AF while doing it too!

Uncle Tetsu’s Angel Cafe// 191 Dundas St. W

Everyone knows Uncle Tetsu’s is a successful Japanese cheesecake spot on Bay and Dundas that almost always has a crazy long lineup. But for fans who prepare to sit down and enjoy everything Uncle Tetsu has to offer, walk up to the Angel Cafe where you can enjoy both sweet and savoury foods from Japan!

Best part about it? The ridiculously cute Japanese maids that’ll make your experience ten times more memorable!

Love myself some Takoyaki, Gushi is nailing it 👌 #gushi #takoyaki #streetfood #market707

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Gushi Japanese Street Food// 707 Dundas St. W

Enjoy some homey street food from Japan on the streets of Toronto at this Japanese street food vendor. Whether it be takoyaki, terriyaki, or the famous Japanese fried chicken, you will be happy and you will be satisfied!


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20 Delicious Japanese Restaurants In Toronto To Try If You Can’t Afford A Trip To Tokyo