22 Most Deliciously Fattening Foods You Need To Try In Toronto

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22 Most Deliciously Fattening Foods You Need To Try In Toronto

Well, Valentine’s Day is officially here. Rather than lament your singledom, why not treat yourself to some of the most amazingly fattening food that Toronto has to offer.

Don’t think of it as cheat day, but instead, as you treating yourself to what you deserve. Life is about indulging yourself once in a while, and there’s no better time than the worst day of the year Valentine’s Day. Without further ado, here are the 22 most deliciously fattening foods you need to try in Toronto. You’re welcome.

I made this! We call it A Frozen Mickey. Get it? 😋 donut and Oreo ice cream Sammie. Yum. #icecream #frozen #summerbummer #mickeymouse #chocolate #vanilla #cookies #foodporn #food

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1. Frozen Mickey // Junked Food .Co

2. Deep Dish Pizza // Double D’s

We elves like to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and SYRUP. _ Brunch every Saturday at 11am. Serving Churro Pancakes HAWT

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3. Churro Pancakes // El Caballito

Mac my Cheese #macncheese #foodislife

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4. Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese // Bobbie Sue’s Mac & Cheese

5. Ruffles Marshmallow Squares // Bake Shoppe TO

6. Mother Clucker // Cluck Clucks Chicken & Waffles

24 oz (😱) bacon cheeseburger 📷: @ta.stegram #topcitybites #toptorontorestaurants #burger

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7. Bacon Cheeseburger // Holy Chuck

8. The Frankaphone //  Shakes and Franks

9. Bacon Pancakes //  Saving Grace

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10. Chimney Cones // Eva’s Chimneys

11. Bacon Cheeseburger Poutine // Smoke’s Poutinerie Toronto

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12. Nachos // Utopia

13. Birthday Ice Cream // Sweet Jesus

14. Boston Blue Fish & Chips // Buster’s Sea Cove

15. Jamaican Patty Double Down // Patois Toronto

Duck fat fries with in house wvrst sauce. #duckfat #fries🍟 #wvrst #germanrestaurant #toronto #foodie #the6ix

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16. Duck Fat Fries // WVRST

17. Tonnarelli alla Norcina Pasta // Terroni 

Milk and Cookies Crullers: Caramelized Milk Icing | Mini Cookies (Taster: @thesainttavern)

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18. Milk and Cookies Crullers // The Saint Tavern

Taro, milk and cookies, soursop, green tea, banana pudding, and mint chocolate chip. #🍨

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19. Ice Cream in a Waffle Cone // Bang Bang Ice Cream & Bakery

20. Ribs // Home of the Brave

22. Smores Ice Cream Sandwich // The Pastry Shop


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22 Most Deliciously Fattening Foods You Need To Try In Toronto