30 Fun Date Nights You Can Do Without Leaving Your House

Being lazy can be a GT.
30 Fun Date Nights You Can Do Without Leaving Your House

You don’t have to break the bank when you want to spend quality time with your lover. Sometimes taking it easy is a much better way to spend date night. Simple dates are the ones you remember and the ones you make the best memories from.

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For some frugal date night ideas check this list out…. 

1. Make homemade pizza.

2. Watch a movie outdoors on your porch. Bring a lot of blankets and get cozy.

3. Learn a new card game and get a little competitive.

4. Enjoy some downtime and paint together.

5. Have a s’mores party at home!

6. Twister date- bend in weird places with bae.

7. Backyard picnic.

8. Massage train each other.

9. Let loose for a Karaoke night.

10. Have a video game competition.

11. Treat your lover with breakfast in bed for dinner.

12. Run a warm bubble bath for 2.

13. Lay out to watch the stars.

14. Watch a romantic sunset together on your roof.

15.  Walk up the street and swing on the swings at the nearest park!

16. Have a throwback night and watch some home videos and look through old photo albums.

17. Go for a drive and bring some fun car snacks. Summer driving is the best kind of driving.

18. Compile a couple’s bucket-list.

19. Have a casino night at home.

20. You both scream for ice-cream! Have an ice-cream sundae contest.

21. YouTube favourite songs from your youth and have your own Canadian Idol show.

22. Truth OR dare.

23. Go for a run together. #fitcouple

24. Have a pillow fight.

25. Sit in the garden with a bottle of wine.

26. Be kids again and run through the sprinkler.

27. Make homemade popsicles.

28. Pamper each other with an at home spa day.

29. Get steamy with a strip trivia night.

30. Create a DIY photoshoot.


Share with your significant other! Save some $$ and make the best memories at home.

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30 Fun Date Nights You Can Do Without Leaving Your House