It’s Official: The 401 Is The Worst Highway In Canada

It has the worst traffic you will ever experience in the country.
It’s Official: The 401 Is The Worst Highway In Canada

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone in Toronto, but a recent study has named the 401 the worst highway in all of Canada.

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CAA has identified the top most congested traffic bottlenecks in Canada, and 10 of them were found in Toronto. According to the study, the 10 bottlenecks cost drivers a whopping 11.5 million hours of delays per year; 3 million of those hours being due to the stretch between Hwy. 427 and Yonge Street.

Here are the 10 most congested areas in Toronto, in order of national rank:

1: Hwy. 401 between Hwy. 427 and Yonge St

2: DVP/Hwy. 404 between Don Mills Rd and Finch Ave

4: Gardiner Expressway between South Kingsway and Bay St

6: Hwy. 401 between Bayview Ave and Don Mills Rd

7: Hwy. 409 between Hwy. 401 and Kipling Ave

11: Hwy. 401 between DVP and Victoria Park Ave

12: Black Creek Dr between Weston Rd and Tretheway Dr

13: Hwy. 401 between Mavis Rd and McLaughlin Rd

18: Hwy. 401 interchange at Hwy. 427

19: Hwy. 400 at Hwy. 401

The 401 should also get the top prize for most annoying highway as well.

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It’s Official: The 401 Is The Worst Highway In Canada