These Are The Canadian Provinces Where Americans Against Trump Would Like To Move To Most

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These Are The Canadian Provinces Where Americans Against Trump Would Like To Move To Most

New data released from Royal LePage last month indicates an unsurprising surge of American interest in Canadian real estate following the US Presidential election.

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The company created an infographic displaying the American interest by Canadian province based on the percentages of total US-originated page views in the fourth quarter of 2016. A boost in US traffic was found to be highly correlated with recent US political events, with US-originated sessions surging almost 329 per cent the day following Trump’s victory.

American interest was focused mainly on Canada’s largest markets – Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec. Combined, they received 72.7 per cent of all US-originated page views on


Here are some quick notes to take away about the trends regarding each province:

  • Ontario was the top-researched destination, with almost two-thirds of real estate advisors agreeing that the GTA is the most desirable location for Americans to relocate to.
  • British Columbia garnered the most American attention in Victoria, which was the most preferred location according to 32.1 per cent of survey respondents. Comparatively, Greater Vancouver was found to be the top region of interest among American home buyers, according to one-quarter of survey respondents.
  • Quebec’s Greater Montreal Area was identified as the main market of interest for American home buyers. 20 per cent of real estate advisors also sold a home to an American in both Quebec City and Mont Tremblant.
  • Atlantic Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador) saw the highest percentage of sales inquiries from Americans since October 2016.
  • Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan saw less American interest due to recent economic downturns. However, of the cities that did garner interest, Calgary (54.6 per cent), Edmonton (27.3 per cent), Winnipeg (50 per cent) and Saskatoon (20 per cent) were the most popular among Americans.

Source: Royal LePage

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These Are The Canadian Provinces Where Americans Against Trump Would Like To Move To Most