This Is Officially Toronto’s Most Dangerous Street

Take extra caution when crossing here.
This Is Officially Toronto’s Most Dangerous Street

This year has been a deadly one for many Torontonians, especially for pedestrians. According to a report by Metro, Eglinton Avenue takes the cake as Toronto’s deadliest street, based on the number of pedestrian deaths this year.

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A total of eight pedestrians have been killed in 2016 along Eglinton Avenue, which is a new high record for any street in Toronto. Most of the deaths occurred in the eastern sections of the street, where there can be as many as six lanes at a time. At the Midland intersection, a total of two people were struck to death this year.

A 63-year-old woman, a construction worker, and an 81-year-old man on a mobility scooter were all victims of Eglinton Avenue incidents. Many Scarborough residents say that Eglinton Avenue East is in need of more pedestrian crossings to prevent people from walking far distances or from jaywalking. Others believe that construction zones have made the road less safe (and more confusing) to drive on.

A new road safety plan is being deliberated to make much-needed adjustments to Eglinton Avenue in the new year.

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This Is Officially Toronto’s Most Dangerous Street