This Is The Freaking Cutest Cafe In Toronto That You And Your BFF Need To Go To

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This Is The Freaking Cutest Cafe In Toronto That You And Your BFF Need To Go To

Cafe’s are all pretty damn cute. No matter where you are in Ontario, there are plenty of stunning cafes, so when we say this might the cutest of them all, well you better take it very, very seriously.

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Light Cafe is a Taiwanese-inspired café, located on 23 Baldwin St, that offers a great selection of gourmet café food and drinks, but with a bit of a twist. Everything on the menu is so Instagramable it will make your head spin… like which do you Insta first? THE HEART SHAPED WAFFLES OR A BOOMERANG OF THE COTTON CANDY COFFEE?!!?!

Can't stop thinking about these waffles 👅💦

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Matcha waffles served with ice cream? YES PLEASE.

New year, new m- oh wait.

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The cotton candy coffee trend has been popping up all over the city, but something with how Light Cafe presents it in the ultra cute milk bottles and the do-it-yourself aspect makes it just that much more fun.


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One of my favourite things about Light Cafe is that they really do have everything you could possibly want on their menu. While some cafe’s focus strictly on great coffee and maybe a few pastries, Light Cafe has an extensive list of food items so you won’t leave hungry. Fresh salads (try the duck breast salad) to decadent lobster rolls, this place isn’t just for your caffeine needs.

If coffee isn’t your thing, don’t worry: they also have a variety of hot and cold beverages on their menu, that still have the same hint of ~magic~. Take this Earl Grey Rose Latte for example.

But it’s not just the whimsical food that gives this place cuteness points: the decor is also ON FREAKIN’ POINT. The airy and minimalist space is complete with geometric light fixtures and a living wall, perfect for a photo with you and your bestie.


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This Is The Freaking Cutest Cafe In Toronto That You And Your BFF Need To Go To