You Can Now Order Kittens Off Uber

You need Uber right meow
You Can Now Order Kittens Off Uber

Get Uber right meow! 

While we’re used to Uber delivering us the place we need to go, and more recently, delivering us delicious UberEats, we are definitely not used to their newest venture: delivering kittens…

Today only, you are able to order kittens to be delivered to you for you to cuddle, play with, love, and adore. Stressful day at the office? Kittens! Friend just got dumped? Kittens! Bored? Kittens!

The best part? Uber is working with local animal shelters that will also allow for these feline friends to hopefully get a home!

Check below on how exactly you can have some adorableness be delivered right to you.


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You Can Now Order Kittens Off Uber