You Can Now Trade In Your Unwanted Gifts For Skittles In Toronto

The gift that keeps on giving!
You Can Now Trade In Your Unwanted Gifts For Skittles In Toronto

We know you don’t want to admit it and sound ungrateful, but there is always one gift you receive each year that is a little less than exciting.  Whether it’s a cardigan from your grandma that you will never wear, or a gift basket from Costco that you will never open, we know how you feel.  Of course you probably plastered a smile on and thanked whoever gave it to you immediately, but did you really mean it?  Our guess is probably not.

Luckily this year that gift might actually come in handy, especially if you have a sweet tooth.  For the second year in a row, Skittles has set up a pop-up pawn shop on Queen St.  Upon arrival at the pawn shop your unwanted gifts will be evaluated by Dan the dealmaker, who will decide how many packages of skittles your gift is worth.  After turning in your gift you will be given packages of skittles in return!  How sweet is that?

The Skittles Pawn Shop will be open until December 30th 2016, so be sure to get your gifts to 277 Queen St. West before time runs out!   The best part is that any unwanted goods that are still in good condition will be given to the Toronto and York Region United Way.

So for those of you looking to declutter this holiday season, why not give a few gifts to those who could really appreciate it?  And if that isn’t enough reason to give this holiday season, free candy is also involved ;).

Yum ~ just visited the #skittlespawnshop #skittles

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Traded in our #chiapet for some #skittles at the #skittlespawnshop . Let the snacking begin.

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@reederreads & I after a successful negotiation at the #SkittlesPawnShop one whole box each! 😄

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You Can Now Trade In Your Unwanted Gifts For Skittles In Toronto