You Need To Try This New Toronto Island Bar

Sea you soon.
You Need To Try This New Toronto Island Bar

If you want a little bit of Hawaii in Toronto, Oak Island in Ossington is where you need to be this weekend. Toronto nightlife can get quite repetitive over time, so it’s always nice when something new and refreshing comes to the 6ix scene. Oak Island has brought quality drinks, decor and aesthetic to Ossington. This island bar embraces cocktail culture that will throw you all the way back to relive the seventies and eighties.

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The colours in this bar will bring you to life during a few after work drinks. Vibrant blues and greens in the decor and in the drinks and dishes will seriously make you feel as though you’re halfway across the world. The only thing that will throw you off is that you’re in the middle of our city.  The vibe is super laid back, which is authentic for the Toronto scene.


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They’re bringing back coolers! Try Oak Island’s Cream Soda which is full of yummy stuff– dark rum, vanilla bean, lemon oil, herbs, soda and more!

ICYMI: I learned how to take mirror selfies this weekend

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Escape to the washroom for another island oasis. 

Blue Birthday shooters with my baby. Happy 30th to me. #kamikaze

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All their beverages are super fun, colourful and delicious. It’s official, the tropics have landed in Toronto…

Enjoy the waves @oakislandto  ~~~

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This is the hottest place to be in Ossington right now! Try it out and tell us what you think. Comment below…

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You Need To Try This New Toronto Island Bar