13 Kelowna Things You And Your BFFs Should Treat Yourselves To For Under $50

K-Town, baby!
13 Kelowna Things You And Your BFFs Should Treat Yourselves To For Under $50

Who doesn’t love cheap? I love cheap. You love cheap. I mean, yes, we’d rather have money and live like the Kardashians but let’s put on our reality check caps and realize that you probably only have $12.97 in the bank and still want to maintain a semblance of a social life. Am I getting warmer?

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Kelowna is a city where you can have fun in any season and in any climate. With UBCO, Kelowna is a destination city and the trip up to the interior is worth the road trip alone!

Once you get up to campus to visit your friends or pitch a tent with your pals by the Okanagan Lake, check out these fun and affordable things to do for under $50!

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1. Go indoor surfing!

The H20 Adventure and Fitness Centre is your key to surfing in the water temperature that suits you. Their wave pools creates the illusion of Hawaii 50 without the fear of sharks or coral reef.

Cost: $10.75

Where: 4075 Gordon Drive

2. Shop Local.

This is Kelowna. Farmer’s Markets are par for the course! That said, Kelowna’s Farmer’s & Craft Market is the mecca of all markets. Check them out between 9am and 1pm every Saturday between April and November.

Cost: $0

Where: Dilworth Drive

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3. Bridge the gap.

After a devastating fire in 2003, some of Kelowna’s lush landscape turned to ash. The Consiglio family bought the burned land and transformed it into The Kelowna Mountain Vineyard & Bridges, a bridge-filled park for locals and tourists to enjoy including a cliff walk across a 100-foot waterfall and much more!

Cost: $24.95

Where: 5755 Gillard Forestry Road

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4. Be a Cinephile.

As Bryan Adams sang it, “spent my evenings down at the drive-in, and that’s when I met you, YEAH!” Check out Kelowna’s Starlight Drive-In to catch up on a flick and maybe even meet bae.

Cost: $10

Where: 5341 Highway 97A

5. Take a cruise.

I’m on a boat! Kelowna Cruises take you on a 2-hour dinner cruise along the Okanagan Lake where you can dine in their buffet (featuring salmon, chicken, vegetables, and side dishes) while trying to spot the Ogopogo!

Cost: $50

Where:  238 Queensway Ave

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6. Skate it off.

Stuart Park’s Outdoor Ice Rink is the place to be in Kelowna’s chilly winters. A weather-permitting space that is open from 6am to 11pm, the rink is open to the public. Need skates? They’ve got you covered! Between the cheap rentals and free access to ice, you’ll have enough cashish to go in on a hot chocolate after.

Cost: under $5 for skate rentals

Where: 1430 Water Street

7. Find your inner peace.

Kelowna’s enclosed zen garden, Kasugai Garden Park, is your next meditation oasis. Its creation was to signify the union between Kelowna and its sister city in Kasugai, Japan. The garden comes complete with all things Japanese from stone lanterns, pine trees, waterfalls and a pond stocked with Koi.

Cost: Free!

Where: 1435 Water Street

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8. Pretend you’re in Australia, mate.

If you want to visit down under but you’re broke *see intro paragraph* then look no further than The Kangaroo Creek Farm. A place where you can cuddle a joey, pet a wallaby, and maybe even make friends with an emu.

Cost: $5

Where: 3193 Hill Road

So excited by the warm weather! Spring cleaning at Bear Creek yesterday!

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9. Get wet.

The Okanagan is known for its lakes and with the summer approaching, there are so many water activities that you need to take advantage of. From paddle boarding to kayaking to those hilarious pedal boats and inflatable islands, Okanagan Beach Rentals has you covered.

Cost: $22-$50

Where: 3726 Lakeshore Road

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10. Get your Thesbian-on.

Going to the theatre is an experience and a half, and the Kelowna Community Theatre is always putting on shows from comedy to musical and even drama. Choose your own adventure!

Cost: Show prices vary but some are even offered for free!

Where: 1435 Water Street

Fun Fact: Im no good at golfing in America or Canada!

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11. Be a kid again.

Go-karting? Mini-golf?? Batting cages?!? Stop. Scandia Golf & Games is the best place to embrace your inner child and just play!

Cost: Mini-golf: $10.50, Go-Karts $10.50, Batting Cage $4 for a round of 35 pitches.

Where: 2898 Highway 97 North

12. Try to escape.

EXIT is Kelowna’s best escape room with themes including ninja, black ops, and jungle! Grab a couple of brave (and hopefully crafty) homies and head over to shave minutes off the leader board’s finish time.

Cost: $25

Where: 2453 Highway 97 North

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13. Trek like the Himalayans.

So you want to hike Everest but you’re poor. Not to mention, not in shape? Fear not, the 60-foot ice tower in Happy Valley will give you the same vibes without breaking the bank.

Cost: $25 per climb

Where: 5315 Big White Road


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