9 Unique Places To Take A Date To In Abbotsford If You Don’t Drink

You're in the country now, y'all!
9 Unique Places To Take A Date To In Abbotsford If You Don’t Drink

Abbotsford. Or as I call it, the Saskatchewan of BC. You’ve ended up in this part of town and you’re thinking to yourself, “now what?” That’s fair. Look, Abbotsford isn’t my first choice either. You’ve got long grassy plains for miles, your idea of fun is counting wheat barrels, and the smell of cow will stay up your nose all. damn. day.

It doesn’t help that you’re doing a sober month either. I get it, we all need to take a break from drinking. With the summer swiftly approaching we all know that can only mean one thing: patio season is upon us. And let’s be real, no one is going dry when pitchers of sangria are going to be available for $15.

It’s always easier to maintain a sober month with a support system, so grab bae and make it into something you can do together! From horseback riding into the sunset to go-carting all night long, this list proves that you don’t need brews to have fun. Where you might have once thought that there is nothing to do out here but drink, Abbotsford proves it may be the best place to stay sober with all the different fun activities they offer!

April is by far the best month to go dry and believe me, Abbotsford is so much more than just dive bars and barn parties. You’ve already exhausted all the things to do in Vancouver so why not branch out and try something new? You’re always talking about wanting to explore BC (or at least your hashtags do) so why not prove you’re not all talk.

All you need to do now is gas up, pack the car with snacks, queue up that road mix you’ve been listening to on repeat, and drive out on that sweet highway to a place you rarely go. I promise the adventure will be worth it and that this town is more than meets the eye.


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Sunny Sunday's with him

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9. Fraserglen Golf Course // 36036 S Parallel Rd

It’s a myth that you need to toss back a few brews to enjoy the driving range. Let the sun and swing be your buzz at the Fraserglen Golf Course.

You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to go to the range, and the best part is no walking and no holding up the people behind you. It’s just you, your partner, the sunshine, and a good swing. Makes for a better trip if you’re fed up with work, school, or life in general and you just need to bust out some aggression.

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9 Unique Places To Take A Date To In Abbotsford If You Don’t Drink