32 Stunning Cafes Across BC That You’ll Fall In Love With

*Shrugs* Continues to drink black coffee.
32 Stunning Cafes Across BC That You’ll Fall In Love With

Ah, coffee. The sweet, sweet, nectar of life. A true Vancouverite would never be spotted with a coffee that isn’t either local, sustainable, organic, or often times all three.

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But did you know that Vancouver isn’t the only place to get bomb coffee? Consider this list while you discover coffee shops in the city and beyond in BC. You’ll thank me when you’re road tripping to Osoyoos and end up in Vernon.


Revolver // 325 Cambie St

The birthplace of Vancouver’s pourover. Okay, I didn’t exactly fact check that but Revolver does own the pourover game in Gastown.

#Repost @thelemonsquare with @repostapp ・・・ Ever been to @cafe_orso in #deepcove? It's simply #beautiful. Great coffee and they even have beer and wine. 🍷🍷#cafeorso #northshore

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Cafe Orso // 4316 Gallant Ave

Home of the Vancouver Grizzlies. And if she doesn’t get that reference, she’s too young for you, bro. Bear themed cafe to make you say awww.

Bonus: If you ask nicely, they might make a latte art bear on your drink.

-Sunday morning essentials- coffee date with mama ☕️☕️

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JJ BEAN // Multiple Locations

Vancouver coffee royalty. Yes, the traditional cappuccino’s are meant to be less hot.

Platform 7 // Multiple Locations

All aboard! Featuring Stumptown and bringing a taste of weird Portland to the North.

Brazil Carmo De Minas on pour over paired with our new Mini Coffee Cake – roasted chunks of apple, spices and oat crumble.

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Timbertrain // 311 West Cordova St

What’s with the train theme, Vancouver?

Come for the beer or the coffee or both at @33acresbrewing #cafeyvr

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33 Acres Brewing Company // 15 W 8th Ave

Where B33R meets COFF33.

Finally appreciating what caffeine has to offer

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Gene // 2404 Main St

It’s got a prime location on Main so you know it’s good.

Le Marché St. George // 4393 St. George

Food styling heaven. Interior design mavens.

sunday • monday @49th #49thparallel #mainstreet #yvr

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49th Parallel // Multiple Locations

Eye candy. Eye candy. Eye candy. And donuts.

Pink isn't just for Wednesday's anymore.

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Liberty Coffee // 3699 Main St

Vancouver’s Magnolia Bakery. Carrie Bradshaw-approved.

This New Year is bringing light. We just know it.

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Matchstick // Multiple Locations

Where almond mylk doesn’t exist but hazulnut-medley does. I would roll my eyes but it’s actually really good.

Musette // 1325 Burrard St 

Is it a bike shop, is it a cafe? Whatever it is, it’s definitely Vancouver.

A Wild Susan Appears! #vegansofvancouver #vegansofinstagram

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Birds & the Beets // 55 Powell St 

Exposed brick and planters. The coffee is amazing but the aesthetic is even better.

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Aperture // 243 W Broadway 

My friend Adam says this place is good. And he’s a huge coffee snob.

Bean Around The World // Multiple Locations

Vancouverites Barney and Pete started the Bean tradition 25 years ago and have since franchised the company to over 26 locations in BC!

The only Whistler pitstop. ☕️🏠

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Galileo Coffee Company // 173 Highway 99 Brittania Beach

The only acceptable stop on your way to Whistler. Fuck your Esso coffee.

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Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co // 1066 Millar Creek Rd

Yay! You made it to Whistler!


Hey Happy // 560 Johnson St

Coconut iced lattes and cashew mylk. #Happy

Shatterbox // 916 Pandora Ave

Art Gallery meets espresso. As it should be.

Hide + Seek // 2207 Oak Bay Ave

The reason you go to Oak Bay.

Picnic Too // 1019 Fort St 

Deep. Fried. Banana bread. And if you ask nicely for your latte they’ll steam cinnamon right there with the milk for you.

Bonus: If the line is too busy you can always check out their other location on the other side of Fort Street. (506 Fort Street)

Life's a blur

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Discovery // Multiple Locations

Somewhere to consider when breaking up with someone. Yonni’s donuts can heal a broken heart.

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Union Pacific // 537 Herald St

Where you go when the line at Jam gets too long.

☕️ with @elyselaura

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Tre Fantastico // 810 Humboldt St 

Coffee and cookies by day, wine and popcorn by night.

Fol Epi // 732 Yates St

On the list. I didn’t want the people of Victoria to riot. Seriously, people love it here.


Kizmit // 1431 Beaver Point Rd

Because nothing says ‘Salt Spring’ more than a coffee shop attached to someone’s house.


tofino vibes ☕️🌊

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Tofitian // 1180 Pacific Rim HWY

Another road trip off the highway find.

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Rhino Coffee // 430 Campbell St

Your stop between here and the waves. Surf’s up.


Caffeine fix ☕️💕 #OsoNegro #travelBC #NelsonBC

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Oso Negro // 604 Ward St

Small town coffee roasters? Ballsy AF.

Empire // 616 Vernon Ave

Reliably serving Stumptown. Help me navigate, I’m from the city.


Pink Cherry // 111 Hudson Ave, Salmon Arm 

Your 49th Parallel fix in the middle of nowhere.

yo yo yo yo yo – holy man is it hard for me not to Insta wowowoowwoowow

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Triumph // 3401 A 30th Ave, Vernon

Surprisingly trendy given the location.

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32 Stunning Cafes Across BC That You’ll Fall In Love With