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This Is The Vancouver Music Festival You Have To Go To If You Love Craft Beer

With freaking beer on wheels!
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We’re almost there Vancouver! Summatime is only two months away and you can smell it in the air…music festival season is upon us (finally)!

Okay, but I know what you’re thinking. You’re so over screaming teenagers at FVDED, camping out in the dirt at Pemby, and you don’t really care to drink somebody else’s Molly water at Shambhala.

Well guys, I’ve got just the festival for you to attend this summer that’s free from the typical festival scene you might have grown tired of.

*Cue Red Truck Beer*

Red Truck Beer’s annual Truck Stop Concert Series is back for its third-year and it’s going to be just as epic as Pemby, without the ordeals of a headache induced by turnt up kids.


For one day of each month, from June to August, Red Truck Beer will be hosting an entire day of solid music, good food, and quality hand-built craft beer, like…a lot of beer. Located at its unique brewery location just at the base of Main St. at 295 E 1st Ave, the festival is going to be bumpin’ with good vibes.

From Australian synth-pop to funk soul music, here is the line-up for this year’s Truck Stop Series:

June 17
Cut Copy
Band of Rascals

July 15
Drake White and The Big Fire
The Dungarees
The Chris Ruck Band
Kristen Bunyan

August 12
Lee Fields & The Expressions
Vince Vaccaro
The Real Ponchos

…and more to be announced!

Unlike the years before, this year’s concert series is going to be bigger and better, with sick headliners and even a chance for locals to play in the festival! Vancity artists, you know what to do. There’s even going to be a massive BBQ, food trucks, and beer trucks. Yes, you heard me right. BEER TRUCKS!


Red Truck Beer is home to Vancity’s freshest, quality, hand-crafted beers slowly brewed to perfection. Don’t even try and order any Coors or Bud Light here, Red Truck Beer is for the savvy beer drinker who knows their shit.

They even come out with seasonal releases that you can get seriously excited about. There is no beer that’s going to be better than this summer’s crisp and citrusy Red Truck Golden Ale to go with your feel good summer vibes. I mean, beer and summer, a match made in heaven.

17038907_247133139080772_4205188302484636642_o (1)

And forget trying to gouge out $300 from your wallet just to go to a music festival for a day. The Truck Stop Concert tickets are only $35 for a single day pass $75 for a 3 day pass. Early bird tickets will be available for $25 April 18th for those of you that signup here, and regular tickets go on sale April 21st.

You can even get drinks with your tickets! If you head on over to their brewery, this year they’ll be offering $100 6-packs that come with 4 tickets to a show of your choice and $35 pints that come with 1 ticket to a show of your choice. A dollar of each concert ticket will also go towards funding a community project, so it’s a pretty solid win-win situation.

So to my fellow beer connoisseurs, music lovers, and food truck chasers, it’s time to turn up with Red Truck!

Head down to Red Truck Brewery and pick a 6 pack with tickets or cop them online by clicking here!

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Dora Leung

English Literature graduate by day and ceaseless vagabond by night. R&B junkie, stamp card collector, and ice cream truck chaser. Follow her quarter-life crisis adventures @dorwarr.
This Is The Vancouver Music Festival You Have To Go To If You Love Craft Beer