20 Reasons To Live In Winnipeg In Your 20s

Adulting in Winnipeg
20 Reasons To Live In Winnipeg In Your 20s

Apparently, your 20s are supposed to be the best time of your life! I’ve only lived to my mid-20s so I don’t have much else to compare it too, but so far so good! We have the best of both worlds being in our 20s. We’re old enough to work and young enough to spend it all on living awesome lives! (besides tuition, rent, or any of those other grown-up necessities)

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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22! 22 in Winnipeg though. T-Swift isn’t here (obvs, because we would all probably be at her show if she was) but we still are, so here are 20 awesome things about living in Winnipeg in your 20s.


Kitchen goals.

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You could actually buy a house in your 20s in Winnipeg.

Housing is stupidly affordable.

The legal drinking age is 18!

Manitoba is the best for this one!

Stores don’t open until noon on Sundays so you don’t have to hurry to your retail job at the crack of dawn.

Someone with a hangover probably made up this rule (thank you).

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Osborne was named Canada’s greatest neighborhood.

Osborne Village really is that great! ❤️

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Winnipeg ranks #1 as the lowest cost place to run select businesses in Canada

Calling all entrepreneurs.

Our main airport has New Leaf so we can travel around Canada for cheap.

What’s your 20s without spontaneous vacations?

If you still can’t afford to travel, we have Folklorama.

You can pretend you’re traveling the world! (when you’re actually saving for school or to pay your rent)

Its all ready to be driven #winnipegsnow #crownvictoria

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The winter will toughen you up and prepare you for whatever adult life throws at you.


Yeah, it’s cold, but we have polar bears. 🐼

Apparently, they will be extinct later, so it’s best to go see them now.

Weird last episode, but so sad it's over. 😭#hbogirls #girls

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Cheap cost of living.

The struggle of living in your 20s is real, but you can pretend you’re in GIRLS for like a fraction of the price here.

Speaking of cheap, the outlet mall is coming!

The next best thing to the thrift shop.

You can still live that city life but get around almost anywhere in 30 minutes. (depending on traffic)

Don’t kill us with that 3 hour Toronto commute every day.

Food, friends and sunshine. What more could we ask for? 😋😋😋 #narcitywinnipeg 📸: @rebeccarobert

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So much delicious food! 🍕

So much! Like breakfast, brunch, burgers, pizza, and more!

The only people who laugh at our jokes are pictured here. 📸:@maceerossmanphotography

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Winnipeg is a small world, so you’re bound to know someone who knows someone.

This is especially good for networking or Tinder, whatever you’re into.

Last night @ #MEME2016 Photo cred; JJ Gill

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We have all the free outdoor concerts, for when you’re broke.

Like Jazzfest, Fringefest, Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition, Canada Day Osborne street festival, and more.

Coffee, have it 😎☀️☕️

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Want to feel fancy huh? Get fancy and french in St. Boniface.

St. Boniface actually has the largest french population west of Quebec.

Hope everyone has a great Easter Weekend ✌🏼️

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The Exchange District keeps getting better and better!

Feed your exposed brick Pinterest obsession.

You can drive to The States in 1 hour.

You know when Amazon won’t ship to Canada? Well no worries, North Dakota is practically home!

There’s an NHL game for you to drink at!

Drinking at a sports game isn’t the same when nobody knows their name.

It’s a small city, but it still has everything you need.

Good food, artists, music, culture, and awesome people. 😊


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20 Reasons To Live In Winnipeg In Your 20s