Alberta Only Has A Month's Worth Of Medical Masks Left Since Trump Won't Share

“We are constantly seeking more supplies."
Alberta Only Has A Month's Worth Of Medical Masks Left Since Trump Won't Share
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Next to toilet paper, medical masks are a hot commodity around the globe. While they're necessary for health care workers, Alberta only has a month's supply of masks left. The province's premier addressed the public on this matter stating that they're working on securing another supply. They're also looking into homemade masks for the public. 

On April 3, Jason Kenney addressed the public and the press for a COVID-19 update. During that time, he acknowledged the fact that President Donald Trump wouldn't be providing medical N95 masks to Canada

Kenney, along with Doug Ford, called the president's move “disappointing.” 

In a follow-up address on April 6, Kenney noted that Alberta currently has a one month supply of medical masks left. 

Kenney noted that Alberta is working on building a stockpile of personal protective equipment that is “large enough to cover possible outbreak scenarios.”

The Premier noted that they have been working on this stockpile since the pandemic began. 

While the province and the government have been “planning well ahead,” Kenney is needing to ensure things stay this way. 

In order to do so, he announced measures to ensure they have adequate supplies of the three main types of protective masks, including N95 respirators. 

Based on the current projections of usage, Kenney believes they have a month's supply of N95 masks.

“We are constantly seeking more supplies and ordering from suppliers around the world,” noted the provincial leader.  

In addition to the N95 masks, Alberta is looking to obtain non-medical masks for the general public including homemade products.  

Along with Kenney, Dr. Deena Hinshaw addressed the public on how to properly wear a mask. 

The Government of Alberta notes that there are 1,348 confirmed cases of coronavirus with 361 recovered cases and 24 deaths including an Edmonton woman that was in her 20s.

O. Canada has noted that Premier Kenney expected COVID-19 cases to peak in May. 

“I ask people to be prepared for what can be some very challenging numbers as we look at the prospective damage that this virus could still do in our province,” said Kenney.

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