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10 Best And Worst Things About Moving Out For The First Time

I miss my mom.
10 Best And Worst Things About Moving Out For The First Time

It's inevitable. You have to move out of your parents home at some point, and doing it for the first time is pretty terrifying. You want to call your mom every 2 seconds to ask her how to boil water, but also demanded independence for the years you were living at home. It's the definition of bittersweet. 

Although there is not a set time on when you have to move out, most people move out in their early or mid-twenties. It's one of the biggest responsibilities you'll take on, and it can be stressful. But it also changes your whole life, as you're officially independent from your parents. 

Whether you've already been moved out for a while, are planning to soon, or are looking forward to it, you're bound to experience the same things when it does happen. Although there is way more good than bad about moving out, your parents can't do everything for you anymore. So here are the 10 best and worst things about moving out for the first time!

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1. Best: Not having to explain yourself to anyone

Coming home at 5 in the morning, leaving cups in your room for days on end, not ever making your bed. No one has to know. All the annoying things your parents used to nag you about you don't have to hear about anymore! You can march to the beat of your own drum now, and make your own rules.

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2. Worst: Having to do everything yourself 

Wait, I have to do my own laundry now? There won't be dinner waiting for me when I come home? It's a harsh reality realizing everything your parents actually do for you. Even just asking your mom for 2 bucks to go grab a coffee at Tim Hortons. Unless you live down the street from your parents, that kind of stuff won't happen anymore. Maybe your parents were super strict and had you doing chores since you were 5 to get you ready for this day, but most of the time, your mom secretly cleaned your bathroom and did your laundry for you because 'it's just easier'.

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3. Best: Getting to live it up with your BFFs, BF or alone

The best part is that you get to choose! Even though you love them so much, you don't get to choose your family. Living with them for so long, you inevitably get to know all their flaws, ticks, and you just know how to annoy each other. When you choose to live with someone, you know you want to be with them for a while. Even if it doesn't work out, you'll learn something from every roommate you have. Or if you choose to live alone, your independence will be something you'll grow tremendously from.

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4. Worst: You realize quickly that you can't just spend aimlessly 

You can't just go and blow $300 dollars without thinking about it because rent is due this week. When you thought you were broke before, you had no idea. You'll even question if going to a $12 movie is worth it when you can just binge watch Friends for the 40th time. You also start to realize that things add up. That bi-weekly pedicure you get? Not gonna happen anymore.

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5. Best: You actually become closer with your family when you leave home

I know a ton of people who didn't have good relationships with their parents, and when they moved out the dynamic completely changed. Since you won't be seeing them everyday, you actually want to make the effort. You definitely don't want to ask yourself "When was the last time I saw my mom?" So make the effort to see them weekly, or just call and catch up! Just because you moved out doesn't mean you can't visit.

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6. Worst: You realize all the nagging actually worked and you can't motivate yourself 80% of the time

Parents that nag are the worst. Or are they? They nag you to get you into a routine of doing something, and it's supposed to teach you how to make a habit. However, the only reason you usually did something was to get them to stop. Now that no one is there to nag you, you definitely can't motivate yourself to empty the dishwasher or clean the floors. Mom, please help.

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7. Best: You get to decorate your place the way you like

You're probably moving out of your lime green room that you decorated in the 5th grade into a super plain apartment. The options are endless! You can finally have your own style and don't have to worry about your parents judging you when you don't think you need a dining room table because you'll just eat in your bed.

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8. Worst: You HAVE to make a budget

Realizing how much money you don't have is exhausting. But it's 100% necessary so you don't screw yourself over. Remember when your mom used to tell you that it's not a need but a want when you were younger? Use that tactic now. You don't NEED Kylie Jenner's new Lip Kit, but you want it. Setting a budget for yourself that gives you an idea of how much spending money you have will save your life.

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9. Best: You can throw all the parties you want and not have to worry about cleaning up before your parents get home

Have you ever thrown a party when your parents were gone, and then needed to get up early and clean before they get home? Because same. When you live on your own or with roommates, you don't have to impress anyone. If you both throw a party and don't get out of bed till 6 pm the next day, who cares? That's just one of the perks of not having rules!

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10. Worst: Realizing all the small and 'useless' things actually add up

When your mom would jump for joy at her favourite laundry detergent being on half price and you would roll your eyes. Now you're wondering how she found all of these sales and you need a handbook ASAP. Toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, WHY DO WE NEED THESE THINGS?! And there is no way you can go with the toilet paper that feels like sandpaper. Living on your own you realize all of these things add up, and your parents are superheroes for providing you with all of it for all the years you lived in their home.

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