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10 Canadian Universities As Mean Girls Characters

Beware of the Plastics.
10 Canadian Universities As Mean Girls Characters

Mean Girls will never die. The iconic film, which is now 13 years old, has definitely achieved cult classic status. To this day, fans continue to indulge in memorable quotes and memes from the movie, and you know what they say - once you've got memes made in your honour, you're immortalized forever.

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It was more than just a cookie-cutter portrayal of high school life. It taught us important lessons about friendship and modesty, while managing to make us laugh at the same time. Though some aspects of it were a little bit exaggerated, the core message was still a universal one that almost everyone could relate to. 

In honour of Mean Girls, here are 10 Canadian universities as characters from the beloved film:

University of Toronto 

York University 

University of British Columbia 

University of Alberta 

University of Manitoba

University of Ottawa 

University of Western Ontario 

University of Waterloo 

Concordia University 

McGill University 

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Ms. Norbury

University of Toronto

Ms. Norbury and UofT students share many similarities, but the one thing they really have in common with each other is their hunger for excellence.

Ms. Norbury, the 12th grade calculus teacher at North Shore High School, is also the coach of the mathletes. She's smart, kind, quirky, and the voice of reason for the students at the school.

One could say that she lives vicariously through her team and gets a sense of fulfillment from their successes. Though she just wants the best for her students, sometimes her thirst for greatness makes her take things a little too far. Even she admitted it herself - "I'm a pusher. I push people." But surely she isn't always uptight - she bartends a couple of nights at TJ Calamity's, a local bar, so she must know how to have some fun, right?

UofT students sometimes have the same pushy tendencies. Being part of one of the top universities in the world comes with a whole lot of pressures, and in order to survive they have no choice but to push themselves to their limits.

Like Ms. Norbury, UofT students are bright, motivated, and sometimes awkward. They are often stereotyped for not knowing how to have fun; however, the opposite is actually the case. UofT students often know the best spots in the city, since they spend most of their time downtown.

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Karen Smith

York University

Karen Smith and York students are both subject to the same underestimation that mischaracterizes them as incapable or inferior.

Karen Smith is a member of the Plastics, North Shore's elite clique. She's a classic example of someone who's popular just for being popular. Throughout the film, she's portrayed as stupid, clueless and easily influenced, especially by her two best friends Regina and Gretchen.

Despite those unfavourable qualities, Karen still has a lot of good in her. The most impressive thing about Karen is her blunt honesty - she's not afraid to tell it like it is, even if it means she might end up throwing someone under the bus (like when she told everybody about the time Gretchen got diarrhea at Barnes & Noble). Maybe she doesn't realize her words might have that effect. "Irregardless", that outspokenness is something to be admired.

York students are often teased for the same reasons that Karen was. Though they are far from unintelligent, they are often misjudged as such, simply because they don't go to a university like UofT that's generally deemed as superior.

But words are just words to York students. Like Karen, they're friendly, outspoken and loyal - no matter what anyone says about them, they're proud of themselves and their school.

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Cady Heron

University of British Columbia

Cady Heron and the UBC students are similar in that they tend to want the best of both worlds, even if both worlds are antagonistic to one another.

In Cady's case, she faced the challenge of having to consolidate her "home-schooled jungle freak" past with the completely opposite world of shady high school politics an excessive materialism.

As she navigated through her first year in a public school, she found herself in a tug-of-war between opposing forces - "Girl World" vs. the real world. Eventually, she managed to find a compromise between the two, and despite the many bumps along the way, the experience was beneficial in her growh as person.

Vice thinks UBC students maintain similar hybridized lifestyles as Cady: "Like almost everyone else in Vancouver, you've perfected a blend of two formerly diametrically opposed lifestyles. You're a business hippie, and you're terrible. Nude dance recitals at Wreck Beach are a pretty sweet way to unwind after an economics exam, though."

But that may not be such a bad thing - the willingness of UBC students to experiment with fusion and unexplored territories puts them far ahead of the curve. That, coupled with intelligence, courage and a modesty similar to Cady's makes UBC students a force to be reckoned with.

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Gretchen Wieners

University of Alberta

Gretchen Wieners and uAlberta students are both strong advocates of the stabbing of Caesar. Just kidding. What actually makes them similar to each other is their remarkable persistence.

Gretchen has always lived in the shadow of Regina, but she wouldn't have it any other way. She does all she can to get noticed by Regina, even if Regina treats her so maliciously. If that isn't persistence, I don't know what is.

That's not the only way Gretchen is persistent, either - she never fails to mention that her dad is the inventor of Toaster Strudel, nor does she give up in trying to make "fetch" happen (it's not going to happen). Even more, she constantly goes back to Jason even though he continually mistreats her, and she even refused to apologize to the victims of the Burn Book even though the situation was already so fragile.

You've got to hand it to her - it takes a lot of confidence and willpower to have a persistence like Gretchen's. uAlberta students can certainly relate - they continue push through despite dealing with unfavourable conditions like depressing winters and a rather dull campus (let's be real, the Butterdome is actually hideous).

I mean, 97 per cent of uAlberta graduates land employment within two years, so I guess being persistent does have its benefits!

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Glen Coco

University of Manitoba

Glen Coco and University of Manitoba students are both wallflowers in their respective realms. They're kind of just there, remaining unnoticed while still being observant of everything.

Not much is known about Glen Coco. He first appeared in a classroom scene where he received not one, not two, not three, but four candy canes from Santa. That's four more than what Gretchen got.

In the Canadian University world, the University of Manitoba isn't really in the spotlight either, despite it being a large research institution. There's even a joke about how many University of Manitoba students it takes to change a lightbulb, for which the punch line is "Huh? There's a university in Manitoba?"

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the campus is located in a relatively dull suburb. Regardless, University of Manitoba students shouldn't let the haters stop them from doing their thang.

Four for you, University of Manitoba students. You go University of Manitoba students.

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Damian Leigh

University of Ottawa

Damian Leigh and uOttawa students share the same brand of confidence. They are sure of what they want and aren't afraid to do whatever it takes to get it.

Damian is known for being honest and outspoken about everything, even if his thoughts sometimes come out as word vomit. He will tell you that mathletes is social suicide. He will point out that you don't actually go to North Shore. He will raise his voice to tell you he wants his pink shirt back. And he will grab a lock of your hair just to tell everyone that's the colour he wants.

It takes quite some confidence to be like that, and uOttawa students definitely have it in them. Despite criticisms claiming that Ottawa is painfully boring or that uOttawa is just everyone's back-up choice after being rejected by their first choices, uOttawa students remain proud to be Gee-Gees.

Overall, uOttawa's massive campus, a sweltering student pride and world recognition are perfect matches for Damian's big personality, unwavering self-esteem and huge popularity among Mean Girls fans, respectively.

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Regina George

Western University

Regina George and Western students are a good match for each other. Western students are often stereotyped with qualities similar to those that Regina possesses - money, privilege and popularity.

According to her North Shore classmates: 2) her hair’s insured for $10,000, 3) she does car commercials in Japan, 4) her favourite movie is Varsity Blues, 5) one time she met John Stamos on a plane and he told her she was pretty, and 6) one time she punched some girl in the face (and it was awesome). Everything you need to know about Regina is in that description.

Maclean's described Western studentsin a similar light, claiming the following about the typical western girl:

"She’s the picture of privilege, the epitome of entitlement. She’s the girl you love to hate... She’s well-off to the point of being spoiled. She doesn’t care much about school. Primping and partying are her priorities. She’s everything a good teen movie villainess should be. She’s Regina George, the Queen Bee from Tina Fey’s flick Mean Girls and living in London, Ontario."

The article went further to say that Western students are often closely associated "blonde, pretty, and fond of Ugg boots, Lululemon yoga pants or Ray Bans."

Though such stereotypes may not necessarily be positive ones, Regina George and Western students do share a few qualities they can be proud of. Most notably, both of them are trendsetters and leaders in their respective realms.

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Kevin Gnapoor

University of Waterloo

Kevin Gnapoor and UW students are most similar in their propensity for math.

Kevin Gnapoor is the captain of the North Shore mathletes, while the University of Waterloo is a leading institution for mathematics, engineering and technology. The Globe and Mail even claimed that the University of Waterloo was the closest thing Canada has to Stanford.

Kevin boasts a confident attitude and fortright demeanor that UW students aren't known for having. The general perception of UW students is that they are overly studious and relatively dull (the latter may have something to do with the fact that the Waterloo area itself isn't necessarily the most exciting place).

But UW students know that isn't true - though the campus could use a little more excitement, there's always something fun to do in the area, so long as you know where to go. Like Kevin, UW students make the most of what they have to work with.

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Janice Ian

Concordia University

Janice Ian and Concordia students aren't afraid of a fight - both are known to be relentless in their endeavours, whether they're dealing with defying stereotypes about women or the take-down of the Queen Bee.

Janice had a personal vendetta against Regina and made it her mission to ruin her life, no matter what it took. Her unforgiving pursuit of this goal involved meddling with Regina's love life, diet and status. She even gave her foot cream instead of face wash. 

While Concordia students nowhere as vengeful as Janice is, they too remain steadfast in their quests. When they deal with an issue that's close to their hearts, they give up everything they have to the cause, just like Janice.

Aaron Samuels

McGill University

Aaron Samuels and McGill students both only care about school, their moms and their friends. Is that bad? Not at all! It means that a work-life balance is something that they prioritize.

Aaron's best trait is his well-roundedness. He's well-liked, gets good grades, excels at sports, and is a genuinely nice guy overall. There's almost nothing to hate about Aaron, unless you hate him out of envy.

McGill studentspossess the same calibre of well-roundedness as Aaron. Being part of a world-renowned institution that was once coined as "The Harvard of the North" speaks volumes on their admirable work ethic. At the same time, they don't let school consume their life - McGill students definitely know how to party (it's a Montreal thing).

Side note: Doesn't the picture above just scream McGill?

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