10 Clear Signs You Should Stay At Your Job Or Leave ASAP

Should you stay or should you go.
10 Clear Signs You Should Stay At Your Job Or Leave ASAP

The workplace is pretty tricky to navigate these days. Maybe you've been at your current job for several years, you've been happy for the most part, you get paid a decent amount, and you get some good benefits. But now you're thinking about what else could be out there.

It can be scary making a big life decision like switching jobs, and yes quitting your job is a big life decision. It's definitely not something you do on a whim. It's smart to weigh your options, consider the pros and cons, and do your research on what else is out there. 

If you go through this list, you can figure out if you're truly happy where you are or if you it's probably time to start looking elsewhere. 

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Stay At Your Job: If You Depend On A Steady Paycheck  

Most people would say that you should always follow your passions and that staying at a job just because you get paid isn't a good reason to suffer if you're unhappy. But it really isn't, in my opinion. There's no reason to make a rash decision and quit your job when you really depend on the money.

We need to be smart these days because good jobs aren't that easy to find. If you have something good where you get a steady paycheck, you should reconsider dumping it on a whim.

Leave ASAP: If You Dread Waking Up To Go To Work Everyday 

Most of us hate waking up early for any job, but when you get physical symptoms of sickness, depression and headaches at the thought of going into work in the mornings, that's when you know there's a problem. High levels of stress actually causes real physical systems, which is not something you should be feeling towards your job.

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Stay At Your Job: If Your Personality Clashes With Your Coworkers 

Sometimes you just don't get along with some of your coworkers or even your boss, but that's not a good enough reason to leave. If your personality is clashing with a coworker, try to compromise on a few things to make your work environment better for both of you.

Leave ASAP: If Your Boss Is Constantly Putting You In A State Of Stress 

You're bound to run into challenges and disagreements with your boss at work, but if they're constantly putting you in a state of stress everyday, it might be time to move on. Before you do though, try to find a solution with your boss that would work for both of you. But if that doesn't work, nothing will probably.

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Stay At Your Job: If You're Constantly Engaged And Learning New Things

There's no reason to leave if your job is constantly challenging you in a good way. This way you're constantly engaged in what you're doing and you're learning new things everyday.

Leave ASAP: If You're Bored Every Single Day 

There's nothing worse than being stuck at a job for 8 hours a day that makes you want to take multiple naps a day. Being bored at your job is a big sign that you should be looking for something else. This is probably a sign that you've outgrown your position and you should find something that will teach you new things.

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Stay At Your Job: If You Have The Opportunity For A Promotion In The Near Future 

If you see an opportunity for a promotion coming your way in the near future, it's probably a good idea to stick it out and put in the work to get there. There's nothing better than seeing your hard work pay off in a big way, so why throw it all away before that happens?

Leave ASAP: If The Company You're Working At Is Sinking 

If you can see that your company has been cutting costs in small ways for a while now, it's a pretty good sign that they won't be lasting much longer. If you see this, there's no reason to go down with the ship. Take the experience you gained there and move on!

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Stay At Your Job: If You Love The People You Work With 

Maybe you aren't super engaged with the work you've been doing at your job, but the people you work with make it all worth it. If that's the case maybe you should stick around! It's not always easy finding coworkers that you completely click with.

Leave ASAP: If You Feel Physically Ill When You're At Work 

Stress and unbalanced lifestyles can have very serious affects on your mental and physical health. If your job is causing you so much stress that you notice any serious physical symptoms like chronic headaches, poor sleep during the week, low energy, stomach problems and the list goes on and on.

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Stay At Your Job: If Your Work Performance Is Very Productive

Maybe you're not incredibly interested in the work that you're doing, but if you're productivity is still super high. Your work performance is still getting better and eventually you'll get noticed and rewarded for that. So it might not be the best idea to move on if you're in that position.

Leave ASAP: If You Don't Have A Good Work/Life Balance

If you've noticed that you're spending all your time at work and you've been unable to attend family events, spend time catching up with friends, and aren't able to spend quality time with your S/O or go on date, you might have a problem. It's important to take a step back and realize that work isn't everything in life, your family, friends and relationships are also very important and you need a balance to be truly happy.

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Stay At Your Job: If You've Been Given More Responsibilities Recently

If you've recently been given more responsibilities by your boss, it's a good sign. This shows that your boss sees all the good work you've been doing and wants to see what else you can handle. It's also a sign that you could be getting a promotion soon if you do a good job with the added responsibility.

Leave ASAP: If You Find Out Your Coworker Is Getting Paid More For The Same Amount Of Work

People don't usually discuss how much they make at work, but if you do happen to find how much your coworker makes and it happens to be more than you make even though you do the exact same amount of work, that can be pretty discouraging. Before quitting right away, first ask your boss for a raise, without mentioning your coworker's salary, and explain why you deserve the raise. If they don't give it to you, it might be time to go back on the job hunt.

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Stay At Your Job: If You Have Good Benefits And Time Off

If your job gives you great health and dental benefits, a decent amount of paid vacation days, and even paid sick days you should consider sticking around. Some jobs barely give any vacation days and benefits at all, so if you have one of the good ones you definitely shouldn't take it for granted.

Leave ASAP: If You Need More Freedom 

Even if you do get a decent amount of vacation days a year, working a full-time job is committing to being in an office for 40+ hours a week almost every week of the year. Some people just aren't cut out for 9-5 office jobs, and that's okay. Maybe you'd feel more fulfilled at a job that allows you to travel constantly instead.

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Stay At Your Job: If You're Excited About Your Future At The Company

If you look ahead, 5 years into the future, do you see yourself happy right where you are? Have you moved up the latter to a place that you think you deserve to be? If you look ahead and you like what you see there, stick around and make it happen for yourself!

Leave ASAP: If You Complain About Your Job All The Time 

It's okay to complain about work occasionally to your close friends and family, but if you find yourself complaining constantly to everyone and anyone that will listen, there might be a problem. If you're complaining non-stop about your coworkers, your boss, or the work that you do, it might be time to call it quits.

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Stay At Your Job: If You're Able To Share Your Ideas Openly 

Feeling comfortable enough to share your ideas openly with your coworkers and your boss is really important. If your workplace encourages you to speak up and speak your mind, it's probably a good fit for you. It's always good to know that your ideas are heard and appreciated. 

Leave ASAP: If A Better Company Is Pursuing You

Headhunters are out there to poach the best workers at other companies, so the fact that they're coming to you is pretty impressive. If you're already on the fence about your current position, it definitely wouldn't hurt to see what this headhunter has to offer at a new position. Maybe you'd be happier there!

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