10 Magical Cities In North America You Must Visit This Christmas Season

A winter wonderland is waiting for you!
10 Magical Cities In North America You Must Visit This Christmas Season

The holiday season is the perfect time to plan a getaway if there ever was one. We've worked long and hard all year and once the holidays roll around we're definitely ready for a well-deserved break. Some people take advantage of this time to escape to somewhere hot and tropical where they can lounge on a beach and forget all about the snowstorm happening at home. 

But this time of year is actually the perfect time to escape to somewhere that transforms into a magical Christmas wonderland during the holiday season! There are tons of towns and cities in both the USA and Canada that host massive Christmas festivals, transform into a winter paradise, even some that change their name to literally become a Christmas Town

If you're still deciding where you want to plan your holiday getaway to, this list has got you covered! 

McAdenville, North Carolina 

There's a reason McAdenville, North Carolina is also known as Christmastown USA. It becomes truly magical during this time of year and it's totally worth the trip! It's just a short drive outside of Charlotte and every year in December they actually change their name to Christmastown USA! There are over 375 trees, 450,000 twinkly lights, and volunteers handing out free hot chocolate as you wander through the beautiful town at night. 

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Quebec City, Quebec

Quebec City is a great place to visit during the winter months because it transforms into a magical winter wonderland! You can stroll down the Quartier Petit Champlain that's decorating with twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and winter garlands above your head, you can take a romantic ride in a horsedrawn carriage as the fluffy snow falls around you, and you can take adorable pictures in front of the infamous Fairmont Chateau Frontenac! 

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North Pole, Alaska 

There's actually a town named North Pole in Alaska and it's totally worth the trip this Christmas season. This town actually celebrates Christmas all year round, even during the summertime so you know they'll be going all out during the real deal! There's an annual North Pole Ice Contest, a Winter Festival with fireworks, and even Santa Claus' house making it a true Christmas village! 

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Whistler, British Columbia

If you're into skiing during the holiday season, a trip to Whistler is right up your alley! These are probably the best ski mountains in all of Canada with the best weather and snow for skiing. The Whistler Blackcomb Village always transforms into a magical winter wonderland during Christmas time with twinkling lights, tons of events and parties to attend, shops and restaurants to explore, and so much more! 

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Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago is an amazing city any time of the year but it becomes enchanting during the Christmas season. There are tons of fluffy floating down from the skies, Christmas windows to wander past, a giant Christmas tree lighting event, and a massive German Christmas market called the Christkindl Market! It will be an unforgettable experience if you decide to head down there. 

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New York City, New York

There's honestly nothing more magical than New York City during Christmas, there just isn't! Maybe it's an obvious choice but between skating in Central Park, wandering along 5th Avenue to see all the Christmas windows lit up, taking pictures of the magnificent Rockefeller Christmas Tree, and so much more! There's an unlimited number of unreal activities to take part in, themed spots to eat and drink, and romantic photo ops in New York City, why wouldn't you go? 

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls is a great place to visit during the holiday season because they host a huge Winter Festival of Lights that's like none you've ever seen before! Over two million stunning light displays will be set up throughout the town and you can either drive past or walk through this unreal light show! The town itself also becomes a winter wonderland full of other fun events and surprises. 

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Orlando, Florida

Heading down Florida during the holiday season is a perfect choice this Christmas because you've got the best of both worlds! Visit Disney World and you'll experience the most magical holiday in your entire life! The castle lights up, they have holiday decorations teeming the grounds, grand parades and parties, and so much more! But the best part about this location is there isn't any cold or snow so you can immediately head down to the beach for a nice stroll. 

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Glendale, Arizona

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Take a trip down to Arizona for the holiday season and you'll be pleasantly surprised. The city of Glendale hosts a massive Christmas festival called Glendale Glitters every year that has everything from huge lit up Christmas trees to delicious holiday foods to amazing gifts for purchase from local vendors! It's a huge thing in the city and something that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit.

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Aspen, Colorado 

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This quaint ski village in Colorado is perfect for a holiday getawaythis season! If you wander down Cooper Avenue you'll find people roasting s'mores, meet and greets with Santa's elves, carolers singing cheerful songs, and so much more! You can hit the slopes during the day and warm up by the fire at night. 

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