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10 Throwback Movies On Netflix Canada You Need To Watch During Your Next Girls' Night In

Ahhh, throwbacks. Nostalgia is a trend that will never go away and I'm very happy about that. You know what else will never go out of style? Girls' night in. Texting your BFFs, actually making plans to hang out and going through with it, and then deciding what movies to watch with your popcorn smothered in butter. However, it's not always that easy.

Picking a movie that everyone can agree on is like voting. It's just not going to happen in everyone's favour. Especially when you have so many movies to choose from on Netflix Canada! Who can't agree on throwbacks, though?! The '90s and '00s were prime for movies, and it's honestly sad that we consider that a throwback now. But let's move on. For your girls night in, obviously you'll need some girly, sad, and funny movies. So I've picked a few of each for you! Happy watching!

The Ugly Truth

Having boy troubles? This is the perfect movie for you and your BFFs to watch! Starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, this romcom takes dating to a whooole new level. Have you ever met someone that you really can't stand, but are also kind of attracted to? Then you'll relate to this movie for sure. In this movie, Katherine Heigl's character has a lot of problems with men, but I'm sure you can predict the outcome already.

Bridget Jones's Diary

What happens when a girl trying to find love gets a hold of a dairy? A looot of writing, reflecting, and great stories to look back on. Bridget Jones's Diary is about a girl named Bridget Jones (obviously) who is really trying hard to improve her love life by improving herself. As a New Year's resolution, she makes a promise to herself to control her own life. This definitely ends up messy, but not without a ton of fireworks.

Easy A

This was Amanda Bynes' last movie, and boy do we miss her acting. I mean, Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes in the same movie? Iconic. Easy A is about a girl named Olive who is reading The Scarlett Letter and feels like her life is turning out to be like that. After a bunch of rumours circulate the school, she decides to take them on the head on and go with it. This way she can get what she wants, when she wants it.


Name a better movie. I'll wait! Just kidding, but seriously Clueless is the most classic movie ever made. Have you heard those rumours that they're going to remake it? Let's not get into it but let's just say I'm not happy. Clueless is about a rich girl named Cher who basically runs her high school and her friend group. However, she's not so lucky in the love department and the movie takes you through her home life, school life, friend life, and of course, love life. And it's not without the most iconic and best 90s fashion.

Not Another Teen Movie


Can't pick what movie to watch to save your life? I feel you. However, Not Another Teen Movie is like every classic movie you've ever watched wrapped into one. From She's All That to Cruel Intentions to Bring It On, this spoof movie will have you on the floor crying (but cringing at some parts too). Literally, this movie has no point but to spoof other movies, but the storyline still works.

The Perfect Man


Now, this movie is about love, but it's also about mothers and daughters. Am I the only one that wants to cry just at that description? The relationship between a mother and daughter is unbeatable. But what about when that mom keeps meeting really crappy men? Then the daughter steps in! In this movie, Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear are an iconic duo as Hilary Duff pretends to be her mother's perfect man. Let's just say it doesn't end well.


Why wouldn't I put Matilda on this list? This is probably everyone's all time favourite movie. If you are the rare person who hasn't seen this movie, Matilda is based on a character named Matilda who is a lot smarter for her age, and who also has crazy powers to make things go her way. She has awful parents, great friends, and an even better teacher who believes in her. Oh, and also, the scariest principal on earth.

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing is SUCH an underrated movie. The whole premise of the movie is that the main character, who is played by Cameron Diaz, is very sad over her failed relationships. When her best friend, who is played by Christina Applegate, decides to take her on a road trip, they find even more than they could imagine. Including a boy. Even though this movie is about relationships, it's really about what your best friends can do for you when you need them most.

The House Bunny


If you haven't seen this movie yet, open Netflix ASAP and put it on!!!! Anna Faris plays a former Playboy bunny named Shelley who is lost after she gets let go. She decides to take on a whole new role as a house mother for a sorority of girls who really couldn't care less about their looks. Once she takes over, gives them makeovers and revamps their entire lives, the awkward sorority girls need to learn how to act like Shelley. But that can't happen without a few things going wrong!

17 Again

Chandler Bing and Troy Bolton Matthew Perry and Zac Efron star in 17 Again as the same person, just younger. But older. It's weird. Basically, it starts out as Zac Efron being the younger version of Matthew Perry's character. But after leading a pretty miserable life, he somehow is revived into his old self in the present day. He's put into a time vortex that allows him to go as his old self, but attend school with his kids. And secretly spy on his wife. This movie is gold and we never knew we needed them in a movie together until 2009.

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