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10 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated AF To Work Out

It's 6 am on a Monday morning and your alarm just went off to get you up for the gym. "Didn't I just fall asleep? F*ck." We've allll been there. However, you can't keep saying you'll do it tomorrow because we all know that never works. 

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It's weird that we can be jealous of other peoples motivation. Motivation is a tough subject, because it really just comes from how bad you want it. If you don't want to change, you won't. And if you want to change, you'll do everything in your power to. Do you think Jillian Michaels is motivated every single day? No, she has two kids. However, once you find something that you want and want to work towards, motivation becomes determination. 

I was never motivated at the gym until I realized that it basically took away my anxiety. It made me feel like I could do anything, and I never wanted that feeling to go away. If your motivation at the gym is only to get abs, you will probably get over going sooner than if your reason was to destress or to help alleviate your anxiety. 

However, if you want simple ways to be more motivated, I got you! The whole picture is to find one reason why and work towards that reason. But if you still have those days where you can't remember why you started, here are little ways you can help yourself. 

1. Ask yourself if you've ever regretted a workout

The obvious answer is no. Even if you sprained your ankle one time running, I guarantee you don't blame it on the actual run. Way more times than not, you get addicted to the feeling working out brings you, instead of regretting moving your body and sweating.

2. Get an accountability partner

I don't have an official one, but one of my best friends and I always text each other for motivation. It's best if you make a solid plan to go to the gym with a friend so that you feel bad cancelling. They can also hold you accountable if you keep cancelling on them, which no one would put up with!

3. Reward yourself!

Nothing is more rewarding than a new pair of Lululemon leggings or new running shoes. When you get to a certain goal, like working out 4 times a week for a month straight, you deserve a treat. Motivating yourself with working clothes (and not food) is a win win. You can show off your new clothes and feel good about yourself!

4. Listen to motivating audiobooks 

This sounds lame, doesn't it? But it helps me so much. Working out doesn't have to be two hours at the gym, it can be a 45 minute walk outside. I love to do that every other day when I'm not at the gym, and audiobooks save me. Motivating audiobooks like The Secret or The Power really get you feeling good and wanting to change your life and your attitude.

5. Think of how you'll thank yourself a year from now

Think back to this time last year and remember how you felt. Do you feel the same or different? Still unmotivated? Still tired allll the time? Now think ahead a year and imagine how good you could feel if you really put in the hard work and effort. Also, those progress pics will look fire!

6. Compete with yourself on a fitness app

My FitBit app saved my life. Speaking of an accountability partner, well my FitBit watch is mine. It tells you how hard you worked out, the calories you burned, the miles you walked/ran, etc. Competing with yourself to see if you can beat your last hard run or workout will get you super motivated! You have no idea how hard you can work your body until you try.

7. Just do your workout for 10 minutes, then tell yourself you can go home

Syke! After 10 minutes, your body is already warmed up and there is no way you'll want to give up after being 10 minutes into your workout. By that time, your heart rate is elevated, you feel great, and going home would just be a waste of time. So stick it out! But tell yourself that to get you through the first 10 minutes.

8. Plan out your week surrounding your workouts

If you plan out your workouts, like Monday is legs, Tuesday is cardio, Wednesday is arms, etc., you'll be more likely to stick to it than if you were to just go to the gym and wing it. Seeing it written down in your agenda or in the calendar on your phone is a reminder that you just can't ignore!

9. Write down how you feel after every workout

There is nothing like a constant reminder of how good exercising makes you feel. When you write down your workouts in your agenda, leave a little space beside it to write how you feel after your workout. That way when you're lacking motivation, you can look and remember the feeling you got when you were done.

10. Meditate before working out

Even if you use an app on your phone in your car in the gym parking lot, meditating before working out puts you in the right head space. Your mind will feel clear, or if you still feel anxious or worried, you know you have the gym to help you feel better afterwards. Also, by meditating, you will conserve all your energy for while you workout!

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