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Over 10,000 Lightning Strikes Hit Parts Of BC Last Night (PHOTOS)

In case some of you missed it, a crazy storm blew through the southern part of the province last night. The storm was seriously huge and even knocked out the power in some places. In fact, the storm was so big that there were over 10,000 lightning strikes across B.C. last night. Everyone who got to watch has been posting photos and video online of their encounters. 

Summer may be over soon but the classic storms are still coming. What started out as a warm and sunny Tuesday quickly turned out to be a wet and wild evening. Meteorologists in the Okanagan area were calling for thunderstorms later in the afternoon. 

It was hard to believe given the intensely warm weather but sure enough, it happened and when it did, it was intense! Throughout the evening and into the night, lightening completely took over the skies. 

It was every storm watchers dream and since then, everyone has been recounting their experiences online. Literally, dozens of pictures and images of the storm have been posted online and we found the best of the best just for you!

At around 6 p.m. last night, different regions around the Okanagan began to experience some thunder. This was quickly followed by sheets of rain and lightning so bright, it lit up the entire sky.

In fact, the storm was so intense that over 2,000 Salmon Arm residents were left without power. According to the Salmon Arm Observer, the outage was was cased by lighting at around 12:15 AM. 

According to the ECCC twitter account, 10,000 lightning strikes were seen over southern B.C. last night! Within a 50 km radius of Kelowna alone, 1,111 lightning strikes were recorded. 

While it was a joy to see, there were some repercussions of the storm. Lightning actually struck a house in Peachland, causing it to start on fire. 

According to the North Island Gazette, the fire started just after 6:30 p.m. Damage to the house was extensive and one person was in the house at the time. 

This lightning show was right on par with the rest of this summer's over the top weather. Earlier this season, we experienced everything from snow on the highways to hail and tornados. 

Although it was a wild ride last night, Environment Canada has not issued any storm warnings or watches for southern B.C.