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11 Benefits You Didn’t Know You Could Get With Your AIR MILES Card

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Alright, show of hands: who here has an AIR MILES Card, or has downloaded the AIR MILES App? Because let's be honest, A LOT of us carry the Card or a digital version of it. 

AIR MILES is Canada's most recognized loyalty program, and with over 200 retail Partners online and in-store, Collectors can get and use Miles towards a variety of rewards, including merchandise, groceries, travel, events and attractions - like music events and a whole lot more!

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Using your AIR MILES Card can not only get you Miles, but also bring you closer to a wide range of Rewards and Perks, no matter what your interests are! Like, for example...

Free movies for you and your friends (or fam)!

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AIR MILES Collectors can get promo codes to use towards free tickets to view "Cineplex Family Favourites" movies, a series of family-friendly movies screened on Saturday mornings at 11 AM at participating Cineplex theatres. Additional showings are also available during March Break. The promo's running from February 15 - May 15, 2018, but the promo codes expire May 19. For more info, visit

Get Miles on any purchase from your favourite brands online

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Using your AIR MILES Card when you do your everyday shopping in-store at Partner retailers, like Metro and Shell, can score you some serious Miles, but did you know you can access even more retailers to get Miles at when you shop through Shopping through the portal gives you the opportunity to get Miles at even more stores, including:, Sephora, Apple, Dyson, Indigo, Frank and Oak and more!

Use your Miles for gas, groceries and more...

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Once you get enough Cash Miles, you can actually use them in-store towards everyday purchases like gas, groceries, drug store items and home improvement purchases at participating Partner locations. (Helpful hint: 95 Miles is basically $10 off your purchase at AIR MILES Cash Partners).

Upgrade your bag of Kernels Popcorn for free!

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Planning a movie night at home with the whole family? Perfect! Head on out to your closest Kernels for a hot, sweet or savoury treat. And if you're a Collector, then you can show your AIR MILES Card for a free popcorn upsize! You can get any large bag of Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn for the price of a medium-sized one. No Miles needed!

Tons of gift cards, including The Bay gift cards

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Fun fact: if you use Miles from your AIR MILES Cash Account, you can get gift cards from AIR MILES to... well, different awesome retailers like Hudson's Bay, for example! You could even receive gift cards to grocery stores, like Sobeys, IGA, Safeway, Metro and more!

Discounts for sunglasses when you use your Miles

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And eyeglasses, too! You can use your Cash Miles at any Iris Location. You know what that means? It means sunnies and eyeglasses for less. Thanks AIR MILES!

Up to 15% off on admission to the CN Tower

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Visiting Toronto anytime soon? Then if you're an AIR MILES Collector, you've got one awesome Perk coming your way! If you want to visit the CN Tower (and let's be real, who doesn't want to visit the CN Tower?!) then you can save up to 15% on a general admission ticket just by showing your AIR MILES Card. Prepare for some awesome #views!

Up to 20% off on admission to Ripley's Aquarium

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Another Toronto classic, beginning June 1, you can get 20% off admission at this super famous (and super cool!) aquarium if you're an AIR MILES Collector. For this particular Perk, you need to buy your Ripley’s Aquarium ticket(s) online in advance.

Up to 10% off on admission to the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

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If you've ever been to Montreal, then you know absolutely no visit to this beautiful city is complete without swinging by their celebrated fine arts museum. Thanks to AIR MILES, any Collector can save 10% on the price of admission. All you have to do? Show your AIR MILES Card!

Up to 45% off Park N Fly at the airport 

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Park N Fly is quite possibly the most convenient thing for travellers, ever. And if you're an AIR MILES Collector, you can enjoy up to 45% off rates at Park N Fly (!) throughout airports in the country. So, drive yourself and your travelling partners to the airport, avoid getting cabs or relying on other people to drive you AND pay an insanely reduced price? Yup. That's a huge win for AIR MILES Collectors!

While all of these perks are AWESOME, the fun doesn't stop here!

AIR MILES often does mind-blowing contests for their Collectors. For example? Their AIR MILES All Aboard Cruise, that went down this past year.

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The cruise was one to remember! Collectors were automatically entered to win one of more than 1,300 staterooms on a cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale, FL, and then docking in Cozumel, Mexico and Princess Cays, Bahamas. All they needed to do to win? Swipe their AIR MILES Card at participating Partner locations, as usual... and that's it! So, lucky AIR MILES Collectors were treated to some serious fun in the sun and you could be too!

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For more information about AIR MILES and to find out how you can become a Collector, check out their website, and stay in the know by following them on Instagram and Facebook!