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The 16 Best Sushi Spots In Halifax

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The 16 Best Sushi Spots In Halifax

If it were up to me I’d be eating sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but alas it’s not in the budget.  We put together a bucket list in no particular order of all the best sushi spots in Halifax that you have to hit in the New Year for that Japanese food fix!

Some of these places do great take out, while others offer stellar all-you-can-eat options!  Each one has talented chefs and a dedicated staff who will serve you up some unreal rolls next time you’re in the mood for sushi.

1. Ko-Doraku // 5640 Spring Garden Road

Hidden beneath Spring Garden Place, this delicious Halifax sushi spot offers some really affordable deals on their high quality rolls.  Next time you’re downtown and need a quick bite to eat, grab the lunch special at Ko-Doraku – their service is really quick!

Suggested Menu Item: California Combo – 9 California rolls and a salad for $6.50

2. Hamachi Kita Sushi & Asian Flare // 5537 Young Street

Next time you’re looking for a spot to grab sushi in the Hyrdostone, look no further than Hamachi!  All their dishes are made with fresh fish brought in daily from local sources, combining both Thai and Japanese cuisine to provide guests with the most possible dinner options.

Suggested Menu Item: Lobster Maki – made with lobster meat, mayo, lettuce, green onions and cucumber for $7.50

3. Genji Sushi // 184 Wyse Road

For the past five years Genji Sushi has been offering visitors a massive selection of Japanese, South East Asian and Chinese dishes.  Genji prides themselves on offering the highest quality all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner menus in Dartmouth, and is the perfect place to visit with friends next time you’re craving a  ton of sushi!

Suggested Menu Item: Sapporo Roll – made with bbq eel, avocado, flying fish roe, tempura flakes and spicy mayo.

4. Sushi Nami Royale // 1535 Dresden Row

With five Maritime locations Sushi Nami is always there to satiate your insane sushi cravings.  Not only do they have awesome lunch and dinner menus, but Sushi Nami also offers a discounted Tsunami Hour from 3pm to 5pm and from 9:30pm to close during which visitors can enjoy their special discounted menu.

Suggested Menu Item: Teriyaki Chicken Roll – made with chicken, fried onion, lettuce and cucumber with teriyaki sauce for $6.95

5. Sushi Shige // 1532 Granville Street

Chef Shigeru Fukuyama has been working hard for the past 38 years to perfect the art of creating impeccable sushi, first as a professional chef in Japan, and now at his Granville Street restaurant Sushi Shige.  Chef Fukuyama’s decades of experience are evident in the incredible sushi he makes, and you have to try it asap!

Suggested Menu Item: Futo Maki – made from a large roll of pickled radish, cucumber, cooked mushroom, sweet squash, fried egg, crab cake and bbq eel for $7.50

6. Sushi Jet // 5518 Spring Garden Road

Another all-you-can-eat sushi spot in Halifax that you have to try, Sushi Jet on Salter Street has the best Thai and Japanese menus for you to try.  They also have some really affordable lunch specials worth noting!

Suggested Menu Item: Gold Dragon Roll – part of the all you can eat menu, shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo

7. Dharma Sushi // 1576 Argyle St

This downtown sushi fixture has been around for over 20 years, serving Haligonians a wide variety of delicious, authentic Japanese cuisine at great prices.  Check out Dharma Sushi’s lunch and dinner specials next time you drop by for a bite.

Suggested Menu Item: Dharma Diamond – avocado tempura, eel, salmon, cucumber with spicy sauce, topped with golden flying fish roe, $5 for 5 rolls!

8. Suzuki Restaurant // 1579 Dresden Row

Visit this unique Dresden Row sushi restaurant for a traditional Japanese dining experience, complete with private rooms where visitors dine on the floor as they would in Asia.  You have to experience unique ambiance of this Halifax restaurant!

Suggested Menu Item: Suzuki Roll – shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber, and spicy sauce for $6.50

9. Wasabi House // 6403 Quinpool Road

The go-to spot for students that love sushi, Wasabi House not only serves up some unreal sushi but they have also been known to throw in some extra rolls every time you order.  Be sure to arrive early if you’re dining in – there’s always a line to get a table at Wasabi House.

Suggested Menu Item: Suzuki Roll – shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber, and spicy sauce for $6.50

10. The B-Well Sushi and Café // 6184 Quinpool Road

Not only do they have some awesome sushi deals, but B-Well also offers delicious ramen to their patrons!  Finish your meal off with a coffee or latté – the B-Well Sushi and Café has it all, with everything on their menu available at super low prices.

Suggested Menu Item: Salmon Tempura Roll – lightly fired salmon tempura with sweet soy sauce for $5.95

11. Roll It Up // 1995 Brunswick Street

This brand new sushi spot offers all the Japanese essentials you’re looking for, in addition to creative apps, noodle dishes and donburi.  Be sure to give them a try on your next sushi night out!

Suggested Menu Item: Sushi Pizza – made with salmon, tuna, butter fish, seaweed salad and avocado, drizzled in spicy mayo and unagi sauce for $13.25

12. Nova Momoya Sushi & Asian Cuisine // 1671 Barrington Street

In addition to some classic maki Momoya also offers customers a wide selection of Hot Pots and Donburi - both perfect dishes to warm up with on a cold day!

Suggested Menu Item: Deluxe Yam Roll - Sweet potato roll topped with some delicious tofu for only $7.95

13. Mizu All You Can Eat // 644 Portland Street

Another important Dartmouth sushi source, Mizu has all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner menus that you won't want to miss out on.  Discounts apply for kids and on weekends as well plus they have ramen.

Suggested Menu Item: Try the peanut avocado roll!  

14. Fujiyama Restaurant // 5244 Blowers St

Considered one of Canada's Top 10 Sushi Restaurants, not only does Fujiyama offer up every kind of Japanese cuisine made with fresh local ingredients, but they also deliver their top quality food for free!

Suggested Menu Item: Spicy Scallop Roll - with scallops, masago, green onions and tempura bits for $5.25.

15. Minato Sushi and Japanese Restaurant // 1520 Queen Street

Located right across the street from the Central Public Library, this Halifax fixture is a must visit spot if you're looking for genuinely delicious sushi in a casual, downtown setting.  Their lunch specials also can't be missed!

Suggested Menu Item: Spider Maki - with deep fried soft shell crab with avocado and cucumber for $11.95

16.  Kitsune Food Co. // 5710 Young Street

For all your North End sushi needs, hit up brand new Japanese hot spot Kitsune on Young Street - their restaurant is an intimate place to enjoy expertly made, high quality food prepared in a really artistic way.

Suggested Menu Item: Negi Hamachi fish roll for only $6.

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