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11 Hilarious Tweets That Show What Canadians Thought About Last Night's Debate

Everyone has an opinion, and some of them make us lol.
11 Canadian Leaders' Debate Reaction Tweets That Are Absolutely Hilarious

The Canadian Leaders' Debate on October 7 featured arguments, statements, and plenty of one-liners from all of the candidates. Trudeau and Scheer locked horns more than once, while Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May took shots at everyone. Maxime Bernier couldn't stop interrupting people, and Yves-François Blanchet focused on Quebec.

So how did Canadians feel about what happened at the debate? If Twitter is to be trusted, then it was a mixed bag of reactions. There were tweets that focused on the positive aspects of the leaders' performances, and there were ones that took a more critical stance. There were also some reactions that seemed to criticize the format of the debate itself, rather than focusing on the participants. Of course, peppered among all of them were also some truly hilarious takes on the debate. 

Some of the funniest tweets came from trusted comedy outlets The Beaverton and 22 Minutes, but others were shared by everyday Canadians who just happened to have some funny things to say themselves. Whether it was about the volume of the debate, the petty arguments, or what the candidates themselves had to say, these tweets truly captured the funniest aspects of the debate.

Scheer Shocked

Hard to deny that he doesn't really look happy at being called out like that. Of course, we all might look like that if we were told to our faces that we were going to fail.

Bernier's Contributions

Sometimes it's hard to sum up exactly what a candidate wants to say. In the case of the debate, that is definitely true.

Eyes On Trudeau

There was plenty of interaction between the election frontrunners, and it was hard to miss just how much attention Scheer was paying to Trudeau.

Singh Is The Better Speaker

Making promises is what running for Prime Minister is all about, isn't it?

Who Is The Loudest?

There were a few points in the debate where every candidate wanted to speak at the same time. They seemed to have agreed to do just that.

Free Real Estate

Can you really blame Justin Trudeau? Have you seen housing prices in Canada recently?

Declaring Victory

The Conservative Party always seems quick to declare Andrew Scheer the winner. It must be good for his self-esteem.

Putting In His Two Chairs, Er, Cents

Bernier seemed to have a lot to say at the debate, and he just couldn't wait to speak (especially when it came to immigration).

They Really Don't Get Along, Do They?

They really do have it out for each other, don't they?

This Would Have Been Quieter

Apparently at least one person thought that the entire debate was, as depicted, a raging dumpster fire. Of course, a dumpster fire probably doesn't make as much noise.

Not The Support Anyone Wants

Jagmeet Singh didn't want Maxime Bernier at the debates, and while no other candidates spoke up about it, there was a level of tension when Bernier found common ground with them.

'Nuff Said

It's something that Canadians might have decided to do at some point during the debates, choosing to just catch the post-game breakdown the next day.

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