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11 Houses You Can Buy In Canada For Less Than $50K & Transform Into Your Dream Home

Channel your inner "Property Brothers."
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Designing your dream home sounds expensive, especially if your ideas are bigger than your budget. However, personal doesn’t have to mean pricey. There are so many cheap homes for sale in Canada that have tons of potential, and they’re just waiting for somebody with a bit of determination and a whole lot of vision!

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Property Brothers and felt inspired, look no further.

Across the country, there are so many huge homes for sale with extraordinarily low price tags. The only catch is that they need some renovations.

From vintage-inspired properties in Saskatchewan to four-bedroom dream homes in Quebec, there’s incredible housing opportunities available Canada-wide.

Whether you’re prepared to reconstruct and restore a whole church, or whether you’re simply looking to update the flooring and slap a little paint on the walls, there’s bound to be a Canadian renovation project out there that will suit both your skills and your budget.

With all of these homes priced at less than $50,000, you can rest assured that you’ll probably have some cash left over to revamp and refurbish.

Creating your dream home has never looked so affordable!

542 Manitoba Street

Price: $39,900

Address: 542 Manitoba St., Melville, SK

Description: This adorable and affordable home has three bedrooms and two large bathrooms, spread across two storeys. Although this property does need modernizing and possibly a new kitchen and bathroom, it's still a real steal for less than $40,000.

[image 5ede53b7cabfd2735b7c4ec3]

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200 Poplar Street

Price: $35,000

Address: 200 Poplar St., Hartney, MB

Description: This three-bedroom, two-bathroom property is the perfect fixer-upper for anybody inspired by the show Property Brothers. The kitchen and bathroom need some work, and you'll need to update the decor, but it's an extraordinary opportunity for anybody willing to put in the work.

[image 5ede55fbe6b2ea7363357094]

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519 Fifth Street

Price: $40,000

Address: 519 Fifth St., Elgin, MB

Description: This three-bedroom, one-bathroom home is the perfect place to embark on your first renovation adventure. It's already good-to-go with the basics, and just needs some updating. The flooring needs some work and the walls need a bit of paint, but it's a great project for a beginner on a budget.

[image 5ede5764cabfd2735b7c4f21]

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14 Rue Cartier

Price: $42,000

Address: 14 Rue Cartier, Cap-Chat, QC

Description: This is a great place for somebody who wants to upgrade a property without too much pressure. This is already move-in-ready but needs some simple decorating and updating. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms and modern flooring throughout, it's a real bargain.

[image 5ede63be641475734fdf8127]

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2506 Route 118

Price: $39,900

Address: 2506 Rte 118, McKinleyville, NB

Description: This place is an incredible opportunity for anybody with serious reno-ambition. The main level has more than 2,300 square feet, and it's ready to be transformed into a home. Downstairs is already partially finished and has a kitchen set-up and two bathrooms. It's a big job, but the result could be outstanding.

[image 5ede65ecd8401e7369fb6f21]

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244 Fort Pelly Avenue

Price: $49,900

Address: 244 Fort Pelly Ave. S., Kamsack, SK

Description: If you're a lover of all things vintage, this is the home for you. This three-bedroom, one-bathroom historic character home is seriously charming, and has so much potential. The listing says there is "plenty of opportunity" to renovate here, although it's in excellent condition as it is.

[image 5ede5f0ee6b2ea736335717b]

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211 Third Avenue

Price: $39,900

Address: 211 Third Ave. E., Nokomis, SK

Description: This cute cottage has already had some updating, but could be seriously impressive with a little more work. The walls need a splash of paint, but there's no real rush to get started here. This three-bedroom house has a huge backyard too, and it even has a pond. Not bad for less than $40,000.

[image 5ede5d977052ea7359b88275]

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232 First Avenue

Price: $44,900

Address: 232 First Ave., Montmartre, SK

Description: This character property has four bedrooms and one bathroom, as well as a partially developed basement. It's pretty spacious and super affordable, although it does need some refurbishment inside. While this home needs some TLC, it could be seriously magnificent when finished.

[image 5ede5b2a7052ea7359b88243]

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550 Second Street

Price: $19,000

Address: 550 Second St., Kamsack, SK

Description: It doesn't get much better than this for less than $20,000. This five-bedroom, two-bathroom home has so much potential. While there is modern flooring in most of the property, pretty much everything else needs fixing-up. While you'd be kept busy renovating here, the end result could be incredible.

[image 5ede5982d8401e7369fb6de3]

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112 Spencer Street

Price: $35,000

Address: 112 Spencer St., Hartney, MB

Description: This quirky home is affordable and doesn't need too much work, making it the perfect opportunity for a first-time buyer. With three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as an office, it's large, spacious and easily updated.

[image 5ede5844e6b2ea73633570ba]

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600 Première Rue

Price: $45,000

Address: 600 Première Rue, L'Ascension-de-Notre-Seigneur, QC

Description: This beautiful home was built in 1920, and it's cute as a button. With four bedrooms and 4,866 square feet, it's not short on space, either! It's looking for a little bit of modernization inside, but it's nothing major and certainly not urgent.

[image 5ede61bccabfd2735b7c5075]

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