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11 Cheap Travel Destinations For Canadians To Visit Instead Of The U.S.

No Trump zones, strictly sunshine and good vibes.
11 Cheap Travel Destinations For Canadians To Visit Instead Of The U.S.

Trump's slew of attacks on Canada have inspired many Canadians across the country to avoid travelling to the U.S. entirely.

The movement originally began as a way to protest Trump's unfair imposition of trade tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel. It's an additional method of payback against the United States, on top of the retaliatory tariffs already imposed by the Trudeau government on U.S. products and the nationwide anti-U.S. consumer boycott that really heated up last summer. 

Seeing as the trade war is still going on, and Trump is just an overall unsavoury character, many of us still seek to avoid visiting our neighbours south of the border. However, cutting off travel to the U.S. may pose a challenge, especially considering that it's still one of the most popular and affordable destinations for Canadians. Domestic travel within Canada can also be quite expensive, making it even harder to commit to the cause.

But it's definitely not impossible. There's still an entire world out there, with several amazing places to explore that are also advantageous for the Canadian dollar. While your money might not be going towards supporting Canadian tourism, you can take comfort in the fact that you'll be helping places that are in actual need of financial assistance. Here are some affordable travel destinations other than the U.S. for passionate Canadians to consider.


The small island of Bermuda can be explored entirely from end to end in a single week, if you're resourceful. Known for its turquoise waters and pink beaches, the country serves as an affordable destination for Canadians, with round-trip flights selling for as little as 500 CAD or less throughout the year.


If you're not a fan of massive crowds, consider a trip to the sunkissed Bahamas. The tropical country is known for its collection of stunning, low-key beaches that are perfect for a private getaway. There are also places for the party animal, such as the capital city of Nassau which boasts an incredible beach nightlife. Flights range from CAD 400 to CAD 600, but you'll be able to save a lot if you opt for an all-inclusive vacation package instead (CAD 300).


The bright, colourful country of Colombia is one massive ongoing party. It hosts the annual Carnival, the largest festival in all of South America. Flights throughout the year are around 600 CAD or less, and you can get hotel rooms for just 70 CAD a night.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a favourite among Canadian snowbirds in particular. Many Canadians travel there during the winter to enjoy the country's beautiful weather and white-sand beaches. Another plus is that it's one of the safest countries in Central America to travel to. In fact, it's often referred to as the "Switzerland of the Americas" for its safety rating.


Canadians love to take advantage of Cuba's all-inclusive vacation packages, and rightly so! These awesome deals send you on an amazing tropical getaway for really cheap. Several airlines sell flights for 400 CAD or less throughout the year. Plus, depending on where you look, you could land yourself a luxury hotel room for less than 200 CAD a night.

Dominican Republic

Like Cuba and Mexico, the Dominican Republic is an affordable vacation spot, especially if you opt for an all-inclusive vacation package. Sometimes you'll be able to land flights and a week-long stay at a top-rated beach resort for just a little over 800 CAD.


Guatemala is a great choice for those seeking a fun cultural experience. The country is brimming with Mayan culture and natural beauty, and the weather is almost always perfect. Flights can be a little pricey at around 600 CAD, but the country makes up for it in lodging that can cost less than 100 CAD a night.


After the U.S., Mexico is the most popular destination among Canadians. Well-known beach spots like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Tulum give Canadians a variety of exciting tropical options to choose from. Flights to Mexico typically cost around 400 CAD, but there are also several all-inclusive vacation packages that may give you a better bang for you buck.


Panama is gaining popularity as a travel destination among Canadians for its hot weather, favourable taxes, cheap lifestyle, and close proximity to Canada. Flights range around 500 CAD, but if you book at the right time, you may land a deal for much less than that. Hotels there are cheap too — several go for less than 100 CAD a night.


Thailand is one of the cheapest places in Asia to visit. Other than the flights, everything is extremely affordable, from the hotels to the food. There are also tons of incredible places to explore, including pristine beaches, tropical islands, and exotic small towns.


It may not seem like it, but the UK is actually a pretty affordable destination for Canadians to visit. With the launch of new low-cost airlines like Swoop, you'll be able to catch flights to cities like London for as low as 199 CAD. Hotels there are affordable too — some go for as little as 100 CAD a night.

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