11 Unsolved Canadian Murder Mysteries You Won't Believe Are True

These will keep you up all night.
11 Unsolved Canadian Murder Mysteries You Won't Believe Are True

Unsolved mysteries have been the biggest craze these past few months. From murders where the killer was never found to kidnappings where the victims are still lost, they are unbelievably interesting but equally terrifying.

Unfortunately, Canada is not immune to these tragic mysteries, with over 3,400 cases remaining unsolved in the country. However, these 11 stories in particular will definitely leave the hair on your arms standing up . 

Here are the some of Canada's most terrifying unsolved murders by province: 


British Columbia 


Nova Scotia 



1. Barbara Jean Maclean and Melissa Rehorek // Calgary, Alberta 

February 25th 1977 was the last time Barbara Jean Maclean was seen after getting into an argument with her boyfriend at the Highlander bar after a night out. Witnesses stated that her boyfriend drove off at 2:30 AM leaving Barbara alone where she reportedly was planning to hitch hike to a different party but she never got here.

The next day her body was found by a man walking her dog. After further speculation the police believed that her murder was connected to Melissa Rehorek's who had been murdered the previous year on September 16th. She had last been seen leaving the YMCA where she was planning to hitchhike to the city for the weekend.

The only suspect was Gary McAstocker who was a known sex offender. He committed suicide after he found out that the police wanted to talk to him about the murder of another girl named Tina McPhee.

2. The Mystery Serial Killer of Calgary // Calgary, Alberta

Many believe that Calgary has had a serial killer on the loose since the early 1990's. During the 1990's to the 2000's, the murders of numerous prostitutes began with Jennifer Janz who was found in August of 1991. Since then four other victims were found between the years of 1991 and 1993, all being left in shallow graves throughout Calgary.

After 1993 the killer disappeared and many believe he stopped or died, but some think that he moved to Edmonton. This is because around the years of 1997 to the 2000's, more than twelve murders were uncovered in Edmonton and had reasonable connections to the Calgary murders as they also involved prostitutes. The possible sole killer still remains anonymous.

British Columbia 

3. Highway of Tears // British Columbia

This highway is one of the most infamous due to the string of murders that occurred between the years of 1969 all the way up until 2011. Occurring between Prince George and Prince Rupert in British Columbia on Highway 16. The police have released a list disclosing that the victims count is currently at nineteen but many speculate that it goes as high as into the forties due to undocumented first nations women being abducted from the highway.

As of now only one of the many murders/ kidnappings has been solved, with Cody Legebokoff was found guilty. Though many speculate that serial killer Bobby Jack Fowler is the man behind most of the killings, police have never been able to prove it.

4. The Hemlock Valley Murders // Tammy Pipe, Tracy Olajide and Victoria Younker

Three murder victims were discovered in East Vancouver in 1995, Tammy Pipe, Tracy Olajide and Victoria Younker. The women were all prostitutes that had worked in the same area of Vancouver. As well, they had all been murdered the same way and left in the same area. Quickly the police realized they were looking for one serial killer and believed it was Ronald Richard McCauley.

The suspect had a history of assaulting and attacking prostitutes and had previously served time in jail for rape and attempted murder. While he was indefinitely jailed, police still couldn't fully prove it was McCauley.

By 2001, police tested DNA samples that had been collected in 1995 and discovered that they did not match Ronald McCauley. Since then there have been no other suspects.

5. Rhona Margaret Duncan // Vancouver, British Columbia 

Rhona had attended a party the night of July 16th, 1976 when she had last been seen. After leaving her friends to walk home around 2:45 AM, her neighbours woke up to people arguing in the street. After the neighbour yelled back the voices stopped. Rhona's body was found the next morning in a different neighbour's garage.

After conducting DNA and polygraph tests as well as speaking with her friends, family and acquaintances, all of the high profile suspects had been eliminated and the murder remains unsolved.

6. "Babes in the Woods" // Vancouver, British Columbia

The victims of these murders remain unidentified but they were discovered in 1953 at Stanley Park six years after the time they were actually murdered. Upon discovery and DNA testing a whopping 45 years after the bodies were discovered, the boys were identified as brothers.

The only information that the police had to go on was that the victims were between the ages of 7 and 10 and that both were wearing aviation helmets. They attempted to track down the mother of the victims but the woman they found a few years later could not be guaranteed to be who they were looking for.


7. Kerrie Ann Brown // Thompson, Manitoba 

The murder of Kerrie Ann Brown is one of the most infamous the province of Manitoba has ever seen. The 15 year old had gone to a party with her friend the night of October 16th, 1986 where she had last been seen. Kerrie had been waiting outside for her friend who was grabbing something she left in the house. By the time her friend returned, Kerrie was nowhere to be found.

Since then DNA tests point in the direction that two people were involved in Kerrie's disappearance, but regardless of arrests being made after the fact, there was not enough physical evidence to hold anyone accountable.

Nova Scotia 

8. Kimberly Ann McAndrew // Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Kimberly Ann McAndrew was a Dalhousie student at the time of her disappearance on August 12, 1989. She had just gotten off a shift at Canadian Tire and was last seen buying a balloon and a flower at a local shop before she went off the map. To this day neither her or her body have been found.

The only information that slightly points to a possible suspect is that serial killer Michael Wayne McGrayla, who was convicted for 7 murders claimed he had committed 11 and that Kimberly's name seemed familiar but could not guarantee she had been one of his victims. As of now, another serial killer named Andrew Paul Johnson is a prime suspect but has not been found guilty due to lack of evidence.


9. Susan Tice and Erin Gilmour // Toronto, Ontario 

Susan Tice had recently made the move from Calgary to Toronto before she went missing. When her brother hadn't heard from her after reaching the city, he ended up flying to Toronto to check up on her. When he arrived, Susan was nowhere to be found and her mailbox was overflowing with mail. Upon entering the house to look around he found that she had been sexually assaulted and stabbed to death.

Erin Gilmour was the next victim four months later after being discovered in her home in Yorkville a short walk away from Susan Tice's home. She suffered the exact same trauma and injuries that Susan Tice had endured and after the police conducted a DNA test in 2002, they discovered the same person had killed both women.

Unfortunately the killer remains unidentified.

10. Christine Jessop // Queensville, Ontario 

One of the most infamous cases in Canada is the one concerning the kidnapping and murder of Christine Jessop. On October 3rd 1984, Jessop was last seen alive after being dropped off by her school bus while her parents were at work. The police quickly decided on Paul Morin as the subject who was the loner neighbour to the Jessop family.

Only two months later Jessop's body had been foundin a field. By 1985 Paul Morin was arrested but after proving an alibi as his time stamp card from work showed he couldn't have had time to kidnap the 9 year old, he was acquitted in 1986. He was re-investigated and found guilty in 1992 but in 1995 a new DNA test was conducted that proved his innocence. The true killer remains anonymous.

11. Lynne Harper // Clinton, Ontario

12 year old Lynne Harper disappeared near a Canadian Air Force Base in 1959 before her body was found two days later on a farm located nearby. The first suspect was her schoolmate, Steven Truscott who was two years her senior and the last one to be seen with her.

Truscott was not only charged with the murder and found guilty but he had been tried as an adult and sentenced to death. The sentence was changed shortly after to prison for life. He spent 10 years locked up before a new investigation was conducted in 2007 that proved his innocence.

Since then there have been no new official suspects but one retired officer believes that Lynne was murdered by an unnamed serial killer that was known by the police. However, with most suspects and the possible person of interest most likely dead, it is unlikely we will ever know who killed Lynne Harper.

source: Reddit

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