11 Cringe-Worthy Things Every Girl Has Owned From Claire's

11 Cringe-Worthy Things Every Girl Has Owned From Claire's

Fashion trends fade but regret is forever. 

We've all made some fashion blunders over the years - hell some of us are still making them as we speak...But no fashion mistakes are quite as cringe worthy as the ones we made in our awkward phase. Not only did we have frizzy hair and braces, we also had zero style sense, which always makes for some cringe-worthy photos. 

One place in particular fed our pre-teen fashion faux-pas and that place is Claire's. This accessories store was your number one destination when you headed to the mall and possibly the place a lot of us got our ears pierced. And while there is PLENTY of super cute stuff there, we somehow gravitated to the lesser desired things that we thought were so co0o0o0l at the time. Here are a few cringe worthy items we all no doubt owned (or still own?) from Claire's: 

1. Spikey ball earrings

Okay these were hideous and came in every colour of the rainbow. Claire's had a wide variety of jewelry (made out of  a rubbery, sticky material that seemed  to just attract lint), but you KNOW we all had the ball earrings at some point. 

2. Feather hair extensions

Around 2010, this super weird trend came middle schools and high schools around the country. Some people even got permanent feather hair extensions...and have since turned into actual birds! Jks jks, but still, cringe.

3. Lipgloss shaped as random objects

This stuff looked, smelt, and tasted pretty fvcking bad let's be honest, BUT it came in a cute af flip phone/cupcake/ other. 

4. Dog tag necklaces

Twilight dog tags? Harry Potter dog tags? Pick you poison, but we know you owned at least one tag from Claire's during your awkward phase. For those a little younger, you may have been fortunate enough to have a 1D dog tag with your favourite member and we all know it wasn't Louis... 

5. Avril Lavigne-inspired ties

2002 gave us Avril Lavigne and with her, the tie-trend. Chances are you were looking for your own sk8er boy at the time and the best way to do that was to cop a tie from Claire's, usually with some combination of spiky wrist straps and/or hand socks.

6. Tiaras

Those of us who bought tiaras at Claire's probably turned into modern day THOTS or Instagram models, but you best believe we were wearing the shit out of that rhinestone-y hot mess at our 12th birthday parties.

7. Something from Happy-Bunny

If anyone ever asks you why you're always so damn sassy, just blame Happy Bunny. For real, this stuff was was so betchy... How did our parents let us wear stuff that said "If you keep staring, I'll kill you' without the fear that we'd all turn out to be sociopaths.

8. Tattoo chokers 

This is one trend you wish you didn't throw out..because these chokers have totally made a come back. Except this time around they're not being worn by 11 year old girls, but by 21 year old girls...

9. Toe-rings that attached to an anklet

These were NOT comfortable and you probably wore it once at the beach on your family vacay to Fort Myers, but none the less, you HAD to have one at the time.


-Seasonal headbands/earings/hats: yes, I too had a pair of reindeer earrings I'd wear every X-mas

-Slap bracelets: Ow...

-Mrs. Pitt/ Mrs. Timberlake/ Mrs. Kutcher merch: Uhm, these dudes were like 30 and we were 10... not chill, Claire's, not chill.