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11 Easiest Places To Do Your G2 And G Tests In Ontario

Proven as some of the easiest Drive Test centres in Ontario, these are definitely worth the road trip!
11 Easiest Places To Do Your G2 And G Tests In Ontario

Driver's tests can be intimidating. From the super intense testers to the remembering all those little rules, it can be a really nerve-wracking experience. 

To make matters worse, in Ontario it's not just one and done, because you have to do three different tests thanks to our graduated system. 

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The first test is arguably the easiest since it's just a written exam. But once you get that, you will have to do at least two more driver's tests to get your full G license. 

The obvious choice for most people is just to head to the testing centre that is closest to where they live. While that's definitely the most convenient, it may not always guarantee your success. 

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There are different factors that go into your chances of success when it comes to your G2 and G tests, the most important of course being your ability and preparedness. But data proves that some places are simply better than others. 

Besides your skill level, road conditions, traffic, and complexity of the test route all play a big factor in the potential outcome of your test. 

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Based on failure rates of different drive test centres all across Ontario, the easiest place to get your driver's license is Kenora, way up in northwestern Ontario. The failure rate for the G2 road test there is only 7%, meaning almost everyone passes their test there. 

Other good places to go, in order of failure rates, are Sault Ste. Marie, Espanola, Sudbury, Dryden, Winchester, Thunder Bay, Kapuskasing, Bancroft, Belleville, and North Bay, each with a failure rate lower than 30%. 

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While some other honourable mentions that may be easier to get to are Orilla, Ottawa, London, and Kitchener, it looks like your best chance of driving test success is up North. 

And if you are getting ready for a driving test soon, keep in mind that the absolute worse place to do your test, with a failure rate of 53% is none other than Brampton.