11 Justin Trudeau Tweets That Reveal How The PM Feels About Climate Change

It's a subject the Liberal Leader has brought up multiple times.
11 Justin Trudeau Tweets That Reveal How The PM Feels About Climate Change

The Canadian federal election draws closer every day, and one of the biggest issues that candidates are discussing is climate change and how they are going to address it if they are elected. Justin Trudeau's tweets have indicated that the current Liberal leader has a lot to say about climate change and how his party will address it if they are elected.

Among the tweets, there are also moments where Trudeau has talked about what his party has done already in order to mitigate climate change. These include speaking about the issue with leaders from other countries, meeting with other Canadian politicians about their local issues, and listening to protesters who want to be heard.

While there are plenty of topics, issues, and concerns being talked about in this election, it's possible that climate change may be the most important one, especially among young voters. According to research from the University of Montreal and the University of California Santa Barbara, 54 percent of Canadians support a carbon tax.

While most of the federal candidates have tweeted about plans to deal with climate change, we wanted to take a look at what Justin Trudeau has said about the issue on his Twitter timeline. As it turns out, he has brought it up a number of times.

Talking climate change at G7

The G7 summit in Biarritz gave Trudeau a chance to talk about the real threat of climate change among some of the world's most powerful leaders.

Planning for the future

At the Nature Champions Summit, Trudeau made a clear statement that planning for the economy's future meant taking action on climate change.

How it's affecting the Canadian Arctic

Justin Trudeau has taken measures to ensure that more of Canada's Arctic territory is designated as marine protected areas. Again, he draws attention to climate change being a threat to people's livelihoods.

A detailed plan for fighting climate change

Just saying you want to fight climate change is fine, but here, Trudeau lays out specific points about what his party would do in order to fight climate change.

Reminding Canadians of the Climate Action Incentive

The Climate Action Incentive is a way for Canadians to get a bit of money back on their tax return, and it's something that Trudeau has tweeted about more than once.

Working with world leaders on climate change

Trudeau also discussed climate change (along with trade) with EU leaders at the Canada EU summit.

Helping the middle class while fighting climate change

Here, Trudeau draws a parallel between lifting up the middle class and fighting climate change, suggesting that the two go hand-in-hand.

Acknowledging the impact on First Nations communities

In this tweet, Justin Trudeau calls specific attention to how climate change affects Inuit communities.

Calling for urgent change on World Environment Day

What better day to talk about how climate change can negatively affect the future?

A defense of the carbon tax

Justin Trudeau cites his sources in this tweet, where he appears to defend the carbon tax.

Listening to young people who will be affected by climate change

Finally, Justin Trudeau sent a message directly to young people who went on a climate strike, letting them know that their voices were heard.

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