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11 Gorgeous Ontario Greenhouses You Need To Visit To Give You An Early Taste of Spring

Okay, hear us out. Winter has been fun and all, but we are more than ready for that sweet springtime weather. Unfortunately, it’s still relatively far away. So, if you’re like us and you totally can’t wait for the season to change, then why not check out one of these breathtaking Ontario greenhouses?

Greenhouses and plant conservatories are not only beautiful but, typically, they’re open year-round.

This means you can get a little taste of the warmer weather while we’re all still stuck in the last weeks of winter.  

With more cacti and succulents then you can handle, you’ll quickly be transported to a tropical oasis when you walk through the doors of any of the places below. 

Complete with fish ponds, waterfalls, and butterflies, there’s so much more than just plants to give you that springtime feeling. 

Whether you’re looking for creative date ideas, fancy a quiet tropical walk, or want to pretend you’re on a jungle vacation with the squad, these spots have you covered. 

So take a peek at the list below and get ready for a little plant-lover's road trip with your besties.

Springtime here we come!

Tropical Greenhouse

Price: Free

Address: Maple Dr., Ottawa, ON

Why You Need To Go: Located within the experimental farm, this stunning spot is giving us all of the tropical vibes. Winter? Don't know her.

Allan Gardens

Price: Free

Address: 19 Horticultural Ave., Toronto, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can experience six different greenhouses as you wander through this plant-lover's paradise.

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory 

Price: $15

Address: 2500 Kossuth Rd., Cambridge, ON

Why You Need To Go: Tropical plants, indoor waterfall, and tons of beautiful butterflies? BRB, we're just driving to Cambridge real quick.

Centennial Park Conservatory

Price: Free

Address: 151 Elmcrest Rd., Etobicoke, ON

Why You Need To Go: You'll forget all about winter when you browse through over 200 different types of plants in this magical conservatory.

Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse

Price: $7

Address: 7145 Niagara Pkwy., Niagara Falls, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can pretend you're on a tropical vacation as you make your way through orchids, succulents, and other tropical plants. With seven floral shows per year, there's always something new to see here.

Gage Park & Tropical Greenhouse 

Price: Free

Address: 1000 Main St. E., Hamilton, ON

Why You Need To Go: In addition to the most beautiful plant collection, there are also waterfalls and ponds with cute fish and turtles for you to enjoy.

Centennial Botanical Conservatory

Price: Free

Address: 1601 Dease St., Thunder Bay, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can soak in the beautiful waterfalls, wishing pond, beehives, plants, and more at this Thunder Bay gem.

Belgian Nursery

Price: Prices vary

Address: 2615 Victoria St. N., Breslau, ON

Why You Need To Go: You can fall in love with the giant cacti and even stock up on plants and decorative pots for your own at-home greenhouse.

Colasanti's Tropical Gardens

Price: Free

Address: 1550 Rd. 3 E., Kingsville, ON

Why You Need To Go: After you've got your fill of tropical plants, you can fill up on tasty eats at the on-site restaurant. There's even an arcade, a petting zoo, and more.

Auquatopia Water Garden Conservatory 

Price: Prices vary

Address: 2710 March Rd., Carp, ON

Why You Need To Go: Commonly used for weddings, this breathtaking water plant oasis will transport you to a whole other world. Keep your eyes peeled for public events at this spot.

Terra Greenhouses

Price: Prices vary

Address: Various locations, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you want to bring the plant vibes home with you, then a visit to one of these garden centres is a must.

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