Staying away from other people has been one of the most consistent rules during this time. We're all doing our best to keep six feet apart, and it isn't always easy. As these social distancing memes prove, Canadians have their own way of following the rules.

Preventing the spread of a virus and flattening the curve have been the main objectives from the start, and while people are doing their best, the reality is that keeping away from everyone is not always easy.

It's hard enough having to stay at home most of the time and deal with not going anywhere. Going out in public and trying to keep your distance is a whole other story.

With fines being imposed for people who aren't following the rules, there's a certain level of anxiety that comes with going to the grocery store now.

Then, you get inside, and you have to make sure you're going the right way down the aisles and standing inside the circles when you line up.

It may not be easy, but it's essential. Keeping these practices in place for long enough will help to fight the spread of COVID-19. That doesn't mean that we can't have a little bit of fun with it, though.

We Can Learn A Lot From Wayne

Sure, this was his rule for fighting people, but it could just as easily be applied to letting your neighbours know you're happy to see them, but they need to stay in their lane.

What Else Are You Doing?

Step one, stock up on food. Step two, get bored and immediately eat everything. Step three, do nothing because you already used up your once-a-week grocery trip.

Those Lines Are Killer

You haven't really gone through the social distancing ringer until you've stood in line like you're at a club to buy a six-pack.

It's Pretty Easy To Remember

Look, as a Canadian, you are legally required to have seen at least one moose in your life. That's how much distance you need to put between yourself and others!

Drizzy Gets It

Even the famous Drake meme can be sued to emphasize how important social distancing is and what it should look like. And if you're missing someone, just call them on their cellphone.

It's The Islander Way

What was once a general answer to a general question is now a statement of doing your part to help the entire country.

Always Looking For The Silver Lining

Sorry, but Canadians are just prone to apologizing. We'll even look for new opportunities to do it in addition to when we bump into inanimate objects.

Someone Call The Burn Ward

There's never really a bad time to take a shot at the Leafs Stanley Cup Record. They've been keeping their distance from it for over five decades.

You Gotta Have Dart Night

One of the biggest things people miss is spending time with friends. Darts over Skype is probably a lot easier than cards or pool.

Obey The Arrows

Suddenly going to the grocery store feels a lot more strict. It's good that people know how to stay safe, but don't you dare go the wrong way down the cookie aisle, mister.

Atlantic Solidarity

Nova Scotia's Premier told everyone to stay the blazes home, but Newfoundlanders might just have to be a bit more blunt. Either way, it's good advice, no matter which province you call home.