11 Things You Should Never Say When Visiting Canada

Like ever.
11 Things You Should Never Say When Visiting Canada

Oh Canada! Our home and native land. If you stumbled on this article, there's a good chance you had no idea that that's the beginning of our national anthem. And why would you? People really don't know all that much about this amazing country, so let us enlighten you:

Canada is the world's second largest country in terms of land mass, yet has a population of only 36 million people. It is boarded by both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, and ranges from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius (sorry, Americans, you can calculate to Fahrenheit yourself). And let's not even talk about the nature, cause it's fucking awesome, look:

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And now that we've no doubt convinced you to come visit, here are a few things to DEFINITELY avoid saying in Canada:

1. Talk to us about Trump.

No really... we don't care.

2. Complain about the weather.

You knew what you were in for...

3.  Compare us to Americans.

Sure we may seem similar, we might have the same language, but just as any other country, we have our own totally unique, Canadian identity.

4. Talk shit about Tim Horton's.

Most people bleed blood, Canadians bleed double double.

5. Ask how to get in on our free health care.

Sorry, we're keeping that...

6. Say Justin Trudeau isn't hot.

Name a hotter Prime Minister. I'll wait.

7. Say hockey isn't a real sport.

Oh ya, cause running into dudes in tight pants is? We're looking at YOU, Super Bowl.

8. Say Poutine is gross.

There's the door...you can leave now.

9.  Say that Canada doesn't have any talent.

Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Drake, The Weeknd, Partynextdoor, Céline Dion, we can continue.

10.  Try to ''Out-Sorry'' a Canadian.

Sorry, but we will be more sorry than you.

11.  Think that Canada is just 'ok'.

Canada is a fucking amazing country. With endless amounts of beautiful nature, polite AF people, and we should not be taken lightly.

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