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11 Things To Do This Weekend If You Don’t Remember What It’s Like To Have Friday Night Plans

Game night in is the new night out.
Contributing writer
11 Things To Do This Weekend If You Don’t Remember What It’s Like To Have Friday Night Plans

For most of us, it has been officially more than one year since we made our last set of Friday night plans.

In place of bars, movie theatres and nightclubs, we've been filling our weekends with Netflix and, well, usually more Netflix. But just because our plans have to be lowkey doesn't mean they can't still be fun.

It's time to start loving nights in again.

From hosting a pizza and game night with your roomies to creating your very own sip and paint evening, there are plenty of ways to stay entertained.

Have A Backyard Picnic

Backyard picnics are arguably the best kind of picnics. In the freedom of your own backyard, you can listen to music, drink and eat whatever you want, and the bathroom is never too far away.

With warm weather inching closer and closer, it's the perfect opportunity to grab some rosé, a few boxes of pizza and welcome the spring season.

Organize A Game Night & Order In

Dust off those board games that are lying around and put them to use with an evening of good food and healthy competition.

If you don't already have the games you need (or you're just looking to expand your selection), Pizza Pizza has you covered with their UNO Combo.

You'll get a large three-topping pizza, three drinks and a deck of UNO playing cards with mouthwatering Pizza Pizza-inspired designs (like a Creamy Garlic Dipping Sauce wild card) for $14.99. Note that pricing may vary slightly by region.

It's an excellent excuse for a casual night in with a few of your favourite people (and it sure beats charades).

Explore Your Inner Yogi

If chilling out and relaxing is your idea of fun, take a break from the same old TV shows and try a different way of winding down.

Ease into a virtual yoga class with your roommates, or get outside and do a few sun salutations on your balcony. If you want more inner peace, follow it up with some meditation.

Paint Portraits & Drink Wine

If there was ever a time to start a weekly wine and paint night with your roommates or S/O, it's now.

You'll find all the tools you need (canvases, paints, brushes) at your local art supplies shop or online. Wine... well you know where to get wine.

To create your own sip and paint party, set up your canvases across from each other and attempt your portraits as best you can. It's okay if art isn't your strong suit — that's half the fun!

Sing Your Heart Out With A Crazy Karaoke Night

Once upon a time, people would go to karaoke bars on Friday nights and sing loudly in crowded rooms. Times may have changed, but karaoke night doesn't have to!

Bring the bar home and host your own karaoke night with the people you live with. Dress up your living room and order some delicious food to nibble on between songs. You can be as loud as you'd like (as long as your neighbours don't mind).

Turn Your Home Into A Spa Sanctuary

Spa days should be a scheduled event — everyone deserves to feel pampered on the regular.

Turning your house into a spa sanctuary for the night can do wonders for you and your roomies. After a long week spent working (from home), what could be better than giving yourself a facial, opening up a bottle of wine, ordering a pizza or two and enjoying a night filled with relaxation?

Cook Meals From Around The World

Yes, travel is still restricted, but that doesn't mean you can't take your tastebuds on a tour.

Make each Friday the night you try cuisines from different cultures. You can either order in (pizza for Italian night, anyone?) or make different dishes based on places you want to travel to.

Watch A Movie In Your Backyard

Let's preface this one by saying binge-watching Netflix in bed is not the same as setting up an at-home theatre in your backyard — there's something about watching movies outside that makes things more fun.

Grab your blankets and pillows and create your own little outdoor cinema. You can either watch the film on your laptop or invest in a projector to really feel like you're at the movies.

If you live in an apartment and don't have access to a backyard, create the same setup on your balcony for extra cozy vibes. And don't forget your pizza and popcorn!

Plant A Little Garden

Adding some greenery into your home or garden can be so invigorating, and it might just be the thing you need to feel refreshed; getting your hands dirty can actually be therapeutic.

Try planting anything from herbs to vegetables. And on the plus side, if you choose to grow your own fruits and veggies, you can save on groceries too.

Granted, this one is more of a Saturday morning plan, but if you wanted to do it cocktail in hand on Friday night then hats off to you.

Challenge Your House To A Bake-Off

Baking is always a fun time, but one way to make it even more amusing is to challenge your housemates to a bake-off. Competing against your friends and family never fails to entertain.

Make a night out of it by ordering dinner, putting on some good music and baking a treat for dessert. If you don't have roommates to bake with, you can do this virtually too!

Don't forget to bring your flour, sugar and A-game to this hangout.

Have A Throwback Night

If you're missing the good old days, why not plan a trip down memory lane on Friday night?

If you have any home videos, pop them in the VCR or DVD player (if you still have one of those) and get to reminiscing. The same goes for old photo albums or long-lost hard drives that you haven't visited in ages.

Sometimes it's a good reset to remind yourself of who you are, where you came from and what has shaped you.

Coming up with new and exciting ideas for things to do is a challenge — especially after a year. But it's important to find ways to connect you with your life again.

Collaborations like the UNO Combo from Pizza Pizza make it easier to have a good weekend even when you have nowhere to go.

Spending time with your loved ones holds a lot of value. Add in delicious food and some fun activities and you can create memories that will be cherished forever.

To order the UNO Combo and create your own weekend game night, head to Pizza Pizza's website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more information.