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11 Whole Foods Canada Hacks You Didn’t Realize Will Save You A Ton Of Money

Hit up Whole Foods without spending your whole bank account.
11 Whole Foods Canada Hacks You Didn’t Realize Will Save You A Ton Of Money

It's safe to say that Whole Foods has got some die-hard fans in Canada. Though some Canadian cities adore the popular grocer more than others (we're looking at you, Vancouver), it's got a special place in all of our hearts. Whether you're in it for the salad bar, the pizza, the café, or just the wonder of it all, you could probably benefit from some Whole Foods Canada hacks to save some money and we've got the goods.

Even though you feel like you're shopping smart, are you always alarmed by your bill when you get to the checkout? Have you ever spent triple-digits on a basket full of stuff? Are you new to Whole Foods? If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you could probably use a little Whole Food guidance, especially when it comes to protecting that bank account.

If anything, it will save you some extra cash so you can come back to Whole Foods more. That is what we call priorities. There are also the obvious hacks like never shop hungry and bring your own bags so you don't have to spend a little every time to buy them. Beyond that, you're ready for your next Whole Foods adventure.

If you're ready to get out there and save some money without any serious compromise, we're here to help. Here are 11 tips to keep in mind the next time you're headed to Whole Foods:

Put Your Computer to Good Use

Check the Whole Foods Canada website before you do your shopping, you might find some specials that you'll want to take advantage of while you're there. In addition, follow your local Whole Foods' social media accounts for more specific sale and discount information. For example, the Whole Foods Market BC Instagram often posts awesome savings oppertunities.

Sample Everything

Did you know that Whole Foods has a "Try Before You Buy" policy? You can sample anything, all you need to do is ask. You may be wondering how that saves you money apart from filling you up so you don't have to buy as much food. Well, knowing what something tastes like will help you make informed decisions and not end up hating something when you get home. It also gives you a chance to sample discount brands so you know if the savings are worth it.

Never Take More Produce Than You Need

If you're shopping for one, why not try actually shopping for one? You probably don't need a whole watermelon or an entire cabbage. You can ask to have your produce cut up so you only have to buy the amount you want. Now they aren't going to give you half an apple or anything wacky like that, so use your reason.

Hit Up The Salad Bar For Small Ingredient Portions 

If you're making something at home that calls for a sprinkle of chopped celery or a half a tomato, go grab the pre-sliced goodies from the salad bar. It's pay by weight, so don't overdo it. This is also a good option when it comes to their toppings like shaved almonds or olives. If you just need a few, don't bother buying a bag, can, or jar. Get what you need and nothing more.

Get An Amazon Prime Membership

You know, you should probably just do this anyway. But, if you're just in it for the Whole Foods discounts, it's still totally worth it. Amazon Prime members get Prime Savings at Whole Foods and we're not talking a couple of cents. If you frequent Whole Foods, this might be the right call for you.

Don't Even Think About Buying Rice or Potatoes at the Hot Bar

We mustn't forget that the buffet-style hot and cold bars and measured by weight. If you're scooping cooked rice or potatoes into your little box, you've made a fatal error. Stay away from heavy, cheap fillers that cost next to nothing normally but cost a ton by weight.

Cut the Cheese

Cheese is remarkably expensive, especially when you're buying more than you need. Get the exact amount of cheese you need by asking to have it sliced. Also, Whole Foods has literal cheese experts in-house, so take advantage of their knowledge by asking how to get the flavours you're after without spending the big bucks.

Go for the “365 Everyday Value”

Whole Foods has its own discount brand, 365 Everyday Value, and it's actually amazing. Don't bother reaching past the 365 brand goods for your name-brand favourites, give it a try. You won't regret it. If you're not sold, try a sample!

Buy a Case, Get a Discount

Whole Foods often offers 10% discounts to people who buy entire cases of things. If you're obsessed with Annie's Mac and Cheese, a specific type of body wash, or any other non-perishable items, might as well buy a Costco amount and save some money in the process.

Don't Even Think About Buying Anything Pre-Mixed

If you've got your eye on a pre-mixed fruit salad, trail mix, dried fruit mix, or anything of the sort, we have one question: are you mad? The markup on this type of product is out of control and you can save tons by buying the same items in bulk and mixing them yourself.

No Drinks

While we're talking about markup, you should probably know that pre-mixed drinks such as iced lattes or coconut waters are some of the most marked-up products you can buy. If you're not dying of thirst, wait until you get home to mix your own drink or, you know, drink some water.

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