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11 Worst Dressed Celebrities Of 2017

And the winner is...
11 Worst Dressed Celebrities Of 2017

2017 has been a year of ups and downs, but if there's one thing about celebrities everyone loves to chime in on, it's what they choose to wear.

Whether it's their street style or their outfits for award shows, there's no shortage of commentary on social media. So we've compiled the top 11 worst dressed celebs of this past year, let us know what you think and if you think someone should be on or off the list!

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Miley Cyrus 

I don't know what is going on with Miley right now, then again does anybody ever know what is going on with her? While her style has definitely shifted from bedazzled underwear and a foam finger for an accessory, she has still had some pretty big dud outfits in 2017. I'm starting to think her stylist's mood board just consists of photos of loofas.

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Demi Lovato 

Two words: denim chaps. I don't know what Demi's stylist is thinking half the time, but this is a new level of ridiculous. I don't know how but this outfit literally gave me a headache, who designed this? Why did they design this? Who hurt you?

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Kim Kardashian

There, I said it. Kim's style is not remotely what it used to be. Say what you want about her claim to fame but she used to have some kick-ass outfits. Now she is constantly wearing the same shade of grey and those weird biker shorts that make her look like those recreational bikers that think they're Lance Armstrong.

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Fifth Harmony 

Fifth Harmony as a collective band have been haunted by their stylist. I swear to god this stylist hates them because I have never seen a band consistently pull up to award shows in such terrible outfits. I swear half of the outfits look like they're from Fashion Nova.

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Kylie Jenner

Do not trust anybody who thinks Kylie has good style. Kylie wears the most drab outfits ever (which is totally fine), but she should not be seen as anything close to a fashion icon just because she can afford to pair her crop top and leggings with a Birkin.

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Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter is on this list solely because she wears the exact same Kylie Jenner circa Met Gala 2016 look at every award show that is just so tired. I never understood the appeal of those dresses in the first place but I just don't understand how celebs themselves aren't over this trend?

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Rita Ora

Rira Ora was 100% that girl in school that claimed she only hung out with guys because it was "less drama." This translates to her outfit choices considering she is always dressed in god knows what (which I'm presuming is a tactic to try and get media outlets to talk about her?)

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Calvin Harris 

Calvin Harris, I love your music but you officially scare the shit out of me. I don't know if it's the beard of your recent decision to start dressing like a creepy uncle but you now are seriously starting to look like Mr. Harvery from The Lovely Bones.

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Selena Gomez 

Selena Gomez's stylist has been her saving grace and kills her street style, but my god... my god when Coach dresses her she looks like the blandest slice of bread I've ever seen. I don't even have to read the "wearing Coach" subtitle whenever she's wearing their outfits because you can just tell by how terrible they are. Her Coach dress for the MET Gala literally looked like something that belonged at a middle school dance.

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Bella Thorne 

I'm not even saying this to be mean, I genuinally want to know where Bella Thorne gets her clothes. I swear whenever I see a photo of her I'm not even paying attention to anything but whatever insane fashion item she's wearing and just thinking where.. where does somebody even get something that looks like that?

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Logan and Jake Paul 

These boys would wear Vineyard Vines to an award show if they could, and in this moment I hope you reason how terrifying the rising celebrity community is becoming. While they can't pull up in frat boy attire, they come damn close to it with the heinous short sleeve button downs and khakis.