11 Super Canadian Zoom Backgrounds That Will Up Your Video Conference Game

Let's go to Schitt's Creek!
6 Zoom Backgrounds That Are Hilariously Canadian

Video-conferencing has become the way that almost everyone is doing business now. Lately, it seems that everyone is trying to outdo their coworkers with fun Zoom backgrounds. There are even some great Canadian ones that will make any meeting a bit more fun.

It may start to feel like being stuck at home and conducting meetings through videos is getting a little bit stale.

However, as No Name proved with their own background, you can still have a little bit of fun, even if you're far away from your coworkers.

One popular conferencing company, Zoom has an option to add virtual backgrounds. With some basic green screen technology, you can make it look like you're anywhere in the world and hide the fact that you haven't clean the house in days. 

If you have a fun boss who appreciates creativity, they could get a kick out of what you put up behind you. They might even give you a promotion (no guarantees on that).

If you happen to be having calls with people in other countries, you may want to show off some of your Canadian bona fides through whichever background you choose.

Luckily, there are some really great options out there that rep the true north strong and free in some creative ways.

Tim Hortons

Do you miss heading to your favourite Tims location to work? Well, now you can pretend you're there with this backdrop created by Tim Hortons themselves (it's bring your own coffee, though).

Toronto Airport 1967

Remember airports? It might be smart to avoid them right now, but with this retro backdrop, you can pretend you travelled back in time to when the worst thing you'd have to worry about in the terminal is all the second-hand smoke.

Maple Leafs Locker Room

Now you can impress people by letting them think you're working from the prestigious Toronto Maple Leafs locker room (post-game smell not included).

Schitt's Creek

These backgrounds are for anyone who has ever wanted to show off their wig collection, or just hang out in the titular town for a little while.

You could almost say these backgrounds are a little bit la la la la lalala, a little bit Alexis.

Rainbow Tunnel

For a bit of Colourful Canadian history, consider using the first railway tunnel built in Canada.

You can make so many jokes about keeping the meeting on track, or getting "trained" in new skills, or feeling like you're going off the rails. Choo choo!

The Canadian Rockies

Finally, you can at least make believe that you're outside getting some fresh air during your social distancing.

Just imagine the smell of pines, the cool mountain air, and the tranquil sounds of the forest. Perfect as long as you're not afraid of heights.

While a number of brands have been happy to supply these custom Zoom backgrounds really any image will do.

If you want it to look like you're being chased by a polar bear or drowning in poutine all you need is a big enough photo file to make it happen.

When it comes to the internet the world truly is your oyster.